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Ages of the “Solar System”

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January 24, 2013 in Offbeat


I am reconsidering the true age Earth and it companions of this planetary cycle. It sure has my imagination going. We’ve figured out how old our planet is by radiometric age dating of the oldest rock samples tested thus far. So it’s been determined the age of Earth is probably 4.54 ± 0.05 billion years. Yet its actual formation most likely begun much earlier. For instance I doubt any rocks from proto-earth #1 [Io] would clearly have survived through the rest of the proto-earth stages. Now contemplate the massiveness of Jupiter, what is happening within? We can see the complexities occurring on its surface; like the multitude of different jet-streams and an embryonic earth (more widely known as the “great red spot”) becoming more circular. Yet that’s just what’s visible to us. Jupiter is 2.5x more massive than all of the other planets in our solar system combined. It is plausible that these embryonic earths begin formation around or even within Jupiter’s core. There very well could be tens to hundreds of embryonic earths deeper within Jupiter, not yet visible from the surface.

My findings indicate the solar system is at least one billion years older than currently accepted and that this solar system will exist far longer than modern scientists are exclaiming. Their theory on star formation and even its accepted stages are also most likely incorrect. The Universe is far more grand than an random act.

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Though we might not ever figure out Earth’s exact origin age I should be able to more accurately determine how many millions and billions of years since Earth transitioned from being embryonic to its first proto stage of becoming Io.

The currently accepted 18th century concept of planetary formation is based off the idea planets grew from the outside due to simplistic gravity when the truth is planets mostly grow from the inside with great complexity.

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  1. Man this is difficult… I’ll stick with the standard 4.5 billion years for now. At least the core of Earth is way older. So many variables to consider… Once more evidence arises I’ll determine a more accurate timeline.

    • 4.3 billion year old zircons are what made me reconsider. They form in the presence of water, yet I did not comprehend the fact that even though water isn’t detectable on the surface of Io there is certainly water within that proto-earth. All the data seems to be in good order again. Though I still wonder how deep down these embryonic earths begin formation and how many might Jupiter currently contain… I apologize for my random rants but they do help me ponder sometimes.

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