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2012 apocalypse is not what you think.

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December 20, 2012 in Offbeat


People new to this theme may well ask: what is so special about 2012? And what is this so-called “2012 apocalypse”? First of all, it’s important to view 2012 as a period, not a specific date or year. Many traditions (the Maya, Hopis, Aztecs and Egyptians to name a few) have highlighted this era as a key time in human evolution. There is also modern-day evidence that something profound is going on. For instance, David Wilcock used NASA’s own measurements to show that every single planet in our Solar System is either getting warmer, getting brighter, having more storms, expanding its magnetic field and/or increasing its atmospheric pressure! There have even been crop circles (intricate geometrical patterns, symbols and codes designed in fields of crops, made by advanced ETs as way of communicating with humanity) depicting the exact position of all the planets on December 21st, 2012! When you see the same information coming from various independent sources unrelated to each other, it’s normally a sure sign you’re onto the truth.

All in all, it is the ancient Maya who have the most astounding information about 2012. The Mayan calendar is no ordinary calendar. It’s based on galactic cycles, and the Mayans are said to have created this calendar to monitor the light coming from the center of the galaxy and how it affected our DNA. The Mayan calendar does more than track time – it tracks consciousness! It has charted the evolution of human consciousness since the beginning of the universe, mathematically.

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