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Why is the weather in Ohio so strange right now?

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July 18, 2012 in Health


I’m in Columbus, Ohio – it’s been beyond hot. I mean worse than miami! The heat is just one of the things that are wrong here. In addition the air is absolutely thick and poisonous. You can’t breathe! I’m a normally healthy person and recently got bronchitis. I haven’t been sick in years but its taking a long time to get rid of because the air is bad. I now have to use an inhaler. I don’t get what the hell is going on and why the US in general is so hot and the air is so bad! Even more is why is there no talk on it really in the news. Oh we get the usual heat warnings and air quality alerts but no one is really speaking on the true scope of the issue. Done venting. Thanks.

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  1. I’m in MN. It has been hotter and more humid than on the Gulf Coast. The cause for the humidity has been linked to the massive amounts of corn being grown across the Midwest. The corn plants release water vapor just as animals do when they exhale. I have tried to get the historical weather data from NOAA and NWS to research and prove this but have been unsuccessful. As far as the quality of the air I think one contaminant may be the BT insecticides that GM crops release. I am also healthy and rarely get sick, but a few weeks ago I got some sort of viral infection which caused my lymph nodes to swell to the point of almost not being able to breathe. If anyone knows how to get the weather records please let me know!

  2. Also important to know that aerisol chem sprays contain heavy metal particles such as barium, and aluminom oxide which can contaminate top soils causing crops to fail. They say they are whiting out the skies to protect against rising global temps. But what happens when you have a cool atmosphere and a scourching earth? Severe storm cells. I believe that is why our crops are failing and why the country is seeing the weather get worse every year. This issue needs to be seriously addressed and stopped. The dustbowls of the great depression was no coincidence and neither is this.

  3. I believe the weather is messed up due to geo-engenering. You know chemtrails, HAARP ect… I live in San Diego and our weather is strange as well. They chemtrail us on a frequent basses. We experienced a skyquake here on June 29 2012. I called in to a major local am radio station and dropped the topic of HAARP as a cause. Right as I got into depth on the subject and warned the radio host to watch out for some strange unexplained weather anomoly to the east of the country my cell phone signal was scrambled, battery drained instantly, and then cut off the air. My cell phone was completely down for the rest of the day. I could no longer access the internet or make outgoing calls, or receive incoming calls. My computer crashed as well. And what do you know that was the weekend of that freak storm that swept through the mid west to DC and left millions without power. I think I hit a nerve with my phone call that day.

  4. Kim said on July 18, 2012

    I’m in Dayton Ohio, hot here also.

    I would stay away from the inhaler. Your problem is your immune system is weak.
    Drop dairy, bread, and sweets, eat a lot more fruits and vegetables. Eat an apple twice a day and an orange or grapefruit once a day.

    Get a personal humidifier, use it when you want want to use the inhaler, for 5 minutes or so. Clean
    your lungs out, instead of adding poison to them. Stay away from Pharmaceuticals. Use alternatives only.

    Give this a try for a week and see what happens…
    Contact me if you have questions…

    • GREAT ADVICE!! I had a customer come in today and tell me he was never sick till he saw his doctor………………..now he is on so many drugs and wanting me to fix his skin by natural means but keeps taking Statin drugs etc. The natural way was too cheap and easy to be true he thought/////////

  5. I’m from Northern Ohio, about a 40 minute drive west of Toledo. It’s the same way here, the sky is hazy in the distance and it’s extremely hot. The corn isn’t growing like it usually does because of the lack of rain and who knows what else…I’m with you, this needs to be documented and reported on professionally, not with mainstream media that will just cover it up and call it “normal”…

    • Media blacklisted me after I descovered the mass poisoning using school cleaning chemicals. The departments …….I call them that but I mean evil corrupts……..engaged in a trial and chemicals were removed from my daughters school. They found out yes symptoms were removed. To silence me they made it so the chemical free “trial” continued and the rest of children are exposed every day.

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