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Why do Vaccines contain mercury and squalene?

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October 1, 2012 in Health


Let’s start with this shocking image.


Are vaccines really safe?

We were all taught in school that vaccines help us, that they are safe and keep us healthy but is that the truth?

The government puts Mercury in vaccines which can be found on the periodic table of elements as “element number 80, HG” and is categorized as a poison so why does the government put Mercury; which is poisonous to humans and believe to be a major cause of autism, in vaccines? The government claims it’s a preservative and prolongs the shelf life of vaccines however this does not change the fact that Mercury is STILL a poison. As you can see in the chart above the government has greatly increased the rate at which they impose vaccinations upon the masses. Is it just a coincidence that the rate of children diagnosed with autism has greatly increased as well?


In many cases children are diagnosed with autism after having recently been given vaccinations. In other cases children have been struck with autism literally over night after having been given vaccinations earlier the day before. Imagine waking up, playing with your child, always trying to watch over them and keep them safe, then taking them to the doctor for a vaccination only to realize soon after it is the reason your child is now diagnosed with autism and can’t talk.

This nightmare is a sad reality for many parents now days and more and more people are waking up to this reality every day. The connection between autism and vaccines can no longer be denied. Parents are now doing their own research and connecting the dots and are now protesting the use of mercury in vaccines.  Even if mercury does prolong the shelf life of vaccines that is no reason to put it in them when it’s going to end up in our body. cyanide is a poison, even a small trace amount the size of a pea would kill a person instantly. However if it prolong the shelf life of milk; is that a good enough reason to put it in milk when you know it’s going to end up in your body when you drink it and will kill you? No, of course not so why does the government do this? This is the type of reasoning that we are given by our government, it’s psychotic and we should not stand for it.

One public activist on this matter is celebrity Jenny McCarthy who has help to bring public awareness to these very important details and who also has a son who suffers from autism. Jenny McCarthy claims she is not against “vaccines” but that she is against “the toxicity of vaccines and the exponential rate at which numerous doses are given in such short periods of time“. Many people can easily recognize this statement as an attempt to be politically correct to avoid the sinister backlash of big pharma, the government etc.

Some people may criticize her for not completely standing up to big pharma and government and calling a spade a spade but her statement on this may come from a place of concern for her family. As we all know most people who bring to much attention to any one particular topic that the government does not want revealed disappear or strangely come down with food poisoning etc…but regardless of this she has help to bring awareness to these issues and helped to even create a specific diet for her son that has helped him improve greatly and has helped others.

Reccomended Book:

Louder than words.


Video Resource:

Before we reveal why the government does this lets first take a look at what the effects of a small amount of Mercury are on the human brain. Lets take a look at this video to see the scientific truth revealed from under a microscope.

Video Resource:

Ok, so now we know that mercury retards the growth of Neurons and is a neurotoxin. Generally speaking the more intelligent a person is the more brain neuron connections they have as more connections bring higher cognitive functions so if a person is exposed to neurotoxins which can severely degenerate the growth of brain neurons, retarding the growth of current neurons and preventing future neuron connections from being made then essentially those who are exposed to mercury are being extremely dumb-down and prevented from reaching their full cognitive potential. This is a crime against humanity.

Now lets take a look at squalene. What is squalene and why is the government also putting it into our vaccines?

Squalene is linked to causing many autoimmune disorders including gulf war syndrome and guillain barre. Lets take a look at these next two videos to see what Dr. Laibow and governor Jesse Ventura has to say on the subject of vaccines and squalene.

Video Resource:

So why would the government do this?….

Many speculate it’s part of Agenda 21 and a form of population control. However regardless of the reasoning the facts speak for themselves through undeniable science.

Mercury and Squalene are poison period.

What else is in vaccines?



I am bringing these issues to light to create awareness not fear. For example; a person who is swimming in the ocean with friends and sees a shark will yell out SHARK! to warn others of the incoming danger so they can do what is necessary to get out of the danger zone, likewise is the reason i am sharing this information with the world.

The Darkness is only as powerful as we allow it to become. Knowledge is power and the truth will set us free.


Please consider the resources below.

Recommended Books:

Louder Than Words: A Mother’s Journey in Healing Autism

” by Jenny McCarthy


Vaccine-nation: Poisoning the Population, One Shot at a Time [Paperback]


Vaccine Epidemic


Evidence of Harm: Mercury in Vaccines and the Autism Epidemic





Infowars.com Videos:

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3 responses to Why do Vaccines contain mercury and squalene?

  1. Thank you! I stopped giving my kids vaccines as soon as I found out, to my surprise the doctor didn’t seem too upset about it, he still smiled while asking questions about my kids growth and acted normal, but he did ask why I chose to not get them vaccinated if they got the shots before so I told him I’m not comfortable injecting mercury into my kids and I believe vaccines are evil, he did kind of smerk when we said that but who cares. Of course I had to sign a form saying that I rejected the vaccines.

    • Also, I saw a video of some arrogant man saying “I will NOT let my kids around children who are not vaccinated” but my question is why? If your kid is already “taken care of” then whats the problem? If your kids have the shot thats suppose to PREVENT sickness then there should be no worries right? His fear just proves the shots don’t help, HIS kids are the ones who got live viruses injected into them, they should stay away from MY kids if anything

  2. Awesome article, thanks ! :)

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