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WHO Knows the Fukishima Radiation Impact

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January 27, 2013 in Health



Celeste Bishop

The World Health Organization, the WHO, knows the health hazard of the Fukishima radiological disaster but is buried in their bureaucratic website which occasionally surfaces in other public places.  It is a little late, but better late than never.  As I was meandering thought the myriad of current regulatory proposals underway for food control I discovered attachments concerning the radiological impact of Fukishima that did make it out to the public with clarity.  

In September 2011 the WHO asked, and answered the question many of us have verbally or secretly wondered, “Is there a risk of radioactive exposure from food contamination?”

The WHO answered that question saying, “Yes, there is a risk of exposure as a result of contamination in food.”

“However, contaminated food would have to be consumed over prolonged periods to represent a risk to human health,” they said further.  The problem is that radiation is bio-cumulative, and since we must all continue to eat to survive, that means prolonged radiation exposure,  resulting in a risk to our health.

“The radioactive iodine and caesium in concentrations above the Japanese regulatory limits have been detected in some food commodities as a result of food monitoring”. As a farmer and concerned citizen I have been actively engaged in watching international and agricultural reports on radiological contamination or product recalls.    To date I have seen none.  There are in fact, significant county, state, agency, and federal plans to deal with the fallout in our food supply from nuclear events and yet that protocol was not activated.  We have not witnessed any public notifications about radiation contamination or recalls.  Global trade continues with Japan and radiation contamination is not mentioned in the United States with exception or vague reports buried in proposed USDA, FDA, and HHS regulations..

“Japanese authorities have advised residents to avoid these food and have implemented measures to prevent their sale and distribution.”  In the US however, Americans are kept in the dark about the glow of radioactive food supply .  Given the corrupt nature of government why haven’t these products been exposed as contaminated?

What assurance do any of us really have that the products we eat are free of radiation?  Unless you own your own radiation meter your chances of knowing what are safe products to eat is slim.  Unfortunately most of the public will be lied to and deceived until it is to late.

In adherence to its Constitution and the International Health Regulations, risk assessment on the radiological impact to health last summer but it was not released, or if it was it is not on the Internet.  What is known is that embedded within current proposed US regulations put into the Federal Register on January 16, 2013 are many, many references to Chernobyl.  Are the statistical manipulators going to attempt to hide the health impacts of Fukishima under the umbrella of Chernobyl?

Cleverly, the WHO says that you will not encounter more radiation than you would in your everyday environment.   Think about that statement.  They are not outright saying you will not be exposed to radiation but that you will encounter it in your everyday environment.  It is plausible deniablity.

One positive note is that there are natural preventative measures a person can and should engage in to protect oneself, as best as possible, as the radiation levels increase around the world.

Food for thought…..

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5 responses to WHO Knows the Fukishima Radiation Impact

  1. The water flow from the Fukishima plant is pointed directly towards California.

  2. Just as Fukushima was melting down, Japan authorities met with Hilary Clinton, and Clinton agreed that the Usa would not test anything for radiation. Shortly after that all the government radiation monitors went off line too.
    Some people took it on them selves and attempted to get testing labs to measure the radiation in food samples they would supply, but most refused to test, and those that would test would only test in a way that offered useless results. These results other words would have such a broad range as that the result may range from none to real high. My guess, any accredited lab caught testing for radiation levels would loose their certificates.
    There are many videos on youtube were people like us, that have $900.00 usd for a somewhat good radiation monitor, measured lots of samples of rain and ground after Fukushima melted down. Many of these will give you a good idea of what we were and still are getting in the USA. You can not check food with those though as that type of test requires different equipment. You generally check food as a matter of becquerels per kg. No way to do that with a hand held type instrument.
    One of the worst things was “Hot Particles”. Those are of great concern. The west coast of usa had as high a concentration of hot particles as Tokyo. The current fallout should not contain hot particles now, unless there are still some in the atmosphere from a while back. The reactor mess should not be emitting them now though, those emit only when it is burning or exploding.
    The mess is still emitting a lot of radioactive gasses though and will until they clean it up, estimated to be 50 years, changed to 30 years, my guess maybe 100 years. They don’t have the technology to clean it up now. That has to be developed.

  3. Greetings, Always glad to see someone speak of this ONGOING “Chernobyl” times infinity! Have you noticed that doctors are adding thyroid tests to the list of the usual blood work? Hypothyroidism is rampant in the northern hemisphere. We are talking about “Transuranic” elements that will be around for the next quarter million years. Fukushima #4 could collapse at any time. That is a life as we know it end. They use the depleted uranium and more for war, spreading it around. The Israelis have used so much, they are destined to be sterile in three generations. And what of the Earth? Mind over matter mind set purging this NWO/Eugenics move. Survive-All… o… 28/01/13

    • Oh, and as to “WHO”, there is paradox for you… “WHO” is happy to be on the front line of this insanity! The U.N. and “Agenda 21″, what more need be said ? … o…

  4. Contamination (or radioactive particles where you don’t want them) is bad when you are exposed to them. You can not sense them (smell, touch, taste, nor see) generally. The basic way to detect them is through a geiger tube or other type of meter. When you see the transfer from the air to milk, that is through the contamination of the air (dust) and gases traveling on to the grass probably arriving through the air and brought down by rain. The cows eat the grass and the entire digestive track of the cow is contaminated. The farmer also walks on the grass. He contaminates his home. His crops are also contaminated, we all eat the food. Oh that’s right we wash off the food before eating it, right? Well the soil also gets contaminated. The plant will undoubtably take in the contamination and the food is delightfully contaminated (at least in the globalist view). You eat the food, and you are getting contamination internally. When contamination enters your body, the health effects grow worse and worse. Best case, you pass the contamination through the bowel, or kidneys. You can also sweat the contamination. Accumulation in areas will eventually cause cancers, internal blistering or even death. This will be a slow death. Chernobyl and Fukishima released literally tons of radioactive material from their cores, most of which has a half life of 200000 to 300000 years. In other words, this stuff will still be active after 2 million years!

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