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What is McDonalds McRib Sandwich made of?

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December 18, 2012 in Health


December 18, 2012. The McRib sandwich is back at McDonald’s again. A once per year menu item, it’s become a cult classic among the fast food chain’s customers. How a simple sandwich becomes a rock star is formula McD’s wishes they could recreate. Reminiscent of the Grateful Dead and their hordes of fans following them from city to city, the McRib has its own army of nomad followers. But what is a McRib actually made of and how is it made?


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2 responses to What is McDonalds McRib Sandwich made of?

  1. They also use a type of chemical used in making DOOR MATS! It’s used as a “glue” to keep the “pork” patty together.


    I’ll stick to the fries….or a Big Mac. Then again, who knows, maybe the Big Mack is made from Armadillo, or maybe even Platypus meat????

  2. thats it no more mc donalds for me

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