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West Nile Virus, Real Epidemic or Media Hype?

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September 9, 2012 in Health


Mosquito Tasmania crop

by Richard White


We should always ask ourselves the motivation behind the topics that the mainstream media covers. Everyday we are bombarded by information from the media. One of the things a Patriot needs to learn is how to sift through the garbage the evening news churns out, and recognize when there is a hidden agenda. I believe West Nile Virus is one of the latest scams perpetuated by the media.

West Nile is a virus that is transmitted through mosquito bites. However, as it turns out, the virus is very hard to contract. Why is the media talking about this so repetitively when there are much worse outbreaks of disease going on this very moment?

There are several obvious possibilities:

  • The usual suspect would be to cause fear and panic in the population, therefore influencing rational decision making of the average citizen.
  • Another possibility is that pesticide companies or drug companies pushing vaccines are behind the hype, so that they may sell more of their health destroying products.
  • An agency of our government could be testing a release of the virus on an unsuspecting population.
  • Or, worst of all, this could be a form of population control through the virus itself, or through the use of toxic pesticides used to kill mosquitoes, or through the use of any vaccines created for the virus.

The main thing you have to realize is that the mainstream media is not out to inform the public about a virus, or anything else for that matter. They are not in it for the public good. Only the alternative media will give you honest information these days. You must learn to rely on honest information from reliable sources, and not some giant media conglomerate that is owned by some billionaire.

As I said earlier, this virus is very hard to contract. And out of the people who do contract the virus, only 1 out of 100 will develop any serious symptoms. Most people will not even know they are sick. Some will only notice that they have a runny nose. And according to the CDC, the mean age of people who contract this virus is 51. Almost all people who contract the virus recover.

So why then, are they telling us not to let our kids outside after 6pm? Sounds like they are trying to create fear and panic to me. Because there are many people who will actually follow this advice! They won’t let their kids go outside and play, out of fear of some mysterious “virus” that has a scary, foreign name like “West Nile”. Give me a break.

Not only that, but the pesticides they use to “control” the spread of mosquitoes has actually been found to increase mosquitoes 1500% in the long run. It’s all a scam! Not only do the pesticides not work, but they poison us at the same time! What is going on here?

I don’t claim to know the answer to that question 100%. All I know is that they people who run the media and most likely the pesticide corporations are up to something. They are giving us false information which could cause some simple minded people to panic.

You could boost your immune system through a balanced diet, plenty of exercise, and just the right amount of sunshine. Then you wouldn’t have to worry about some stupid virus in the first place. If everyone would just concentrate on living a healthy lifestyle, the media couldn’t cause a public reaction with stories like this.

Now if for some reason you don’t believe that the pesticides are bad for you, and that the government knows it, but continues to spray anyway, read this article from CBS/AP out of Dallas, TX:

Dallas’ aerial pesticide assault on West Nile purposely avoids Bush residence


(CBS/AP) DALLAS — Dallas County launched an aerial assault on the mosquito population for the first time in 45 years Thursday as part of an emergency measure to stem the nation’s worst outbreak of West Nile virus, which has killed 10 people and sickened at least 230 others.

Two twin engine planes began targeting 49,000 acres in Dallas County late Thursday night, flying at an altitude of 300 feet, according to CBS station KTVT-TV. At least a dozen cities in the county will be part of the aerial spraying program, reports CBS News correspondent Manual Bojorquez.

Although commonplace in other major cities, the efforts have provoked a debate in the Dallas area between health officials trying to reduce the risk of disease and people concerned about insecticidal mist drifting down from above.

“I cannot have any more deaths on my conscience because we did not take action,” Mayor Mike Rawlings said.

The home of former President George W. Bush is an area that was scheduled to be sprayed, but it is one of several places pilots were told to avoid, it, according to KTVT.

Now why would they avoid George Bush’s house, but spray the rest of the community? Are we not as important as a former U.S. President? I thought all men were created equal in this country? If it’s poisonous to George Bush, it’s poisonous to you.

This is insane for us to let this continue. No matter how healthy you are, you can still be poisoned by pesticides. Don’t be outside when they are spraying, and try to get involved in getting it removed from your community. Go to your local town hall meetings, and demand that it be stopped immediately.

Become a Patriot. Fight for liberty. We are free people and we should not stand for this.

UPDATE: It has been reported that people have been calling 911 after being bitten by mosquitoes for fear of West Nile Virus. This has gotten completely out of hand now. The simple fact that someone would call 911 over a mosquito bite shows the power the mainstream media still has over the general population. Do not let them brainwash you! Think for yourself! Question authority!

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3 responses to West Nile Virus, Real Epidemic or Media Hype?

  1. Anything the Gov’t hypes, is bull shit! (Bird Flu, West Nile…yadda yadda yadda) Another sorry ass excuse for the Big Pharma companies to make TRILLIONS of $$. While shooting you up with their poisoned liquid cocktail of Anti-Freeze, mercury, and other stuff I can’t even pronounce.

    Wanna get rid of billions of mosquitoes???? Simply get rid of all the stagnant water around your backyard! Small pools of water that you see everywhere! Dump out any water you see in old tires, car wash buckets, pool covers, etc etc…All HUGE breeding grounds for mosquitoes.

  2. They are hyping it in El Paso as well. Living in southern New Mexico, I hear it on local AM radio basically using fear. It doesn’t rain much in this area and its on local TV and radio nearly hourly.

  3. It is more hype than anything else.

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