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Water, Water, Anywhere? How the Coca-Cola Company is slowly poisoning unsuspecting Consumers…

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February 9, 2013 in Health


Tap water is bad; bottled water is good, right? WRONG.

As this Patriot learned recently, the Coca-Cola® Company hides the fact that its bottled water, Dasani®, contains fluoride. The Coca-Cola® Company hides this inconvenient truth under a maze of internet marformation [specious, innocuously formatted information which is exclusively manipulated in order to market a questionable product to unsuspecting consumers].

After years of abstaining from the use of tap water due to the abysmal state of the Chicagoland water, taken from the open waters off of Lake Michigan, my household resorted to the exclusive use of bottled water for all household use except shower and toilet. Our water of choice: Dasani®.

Recently, following an exchange between Alex Jones and the Doctor of Pharmacology from Youngevity® products that we heard on The Alex Jones Show® at infowars.com, we decided to assure ourselves that the water we were consuming was indeed ‘pure’ and free from fluoride and other known contaminants. Much to our surprise, however, when we placed a phone call to the consumer service number printed on the outside label of the Dasani® water [800-788-5047], we were horrified to discover the Coca-Cola® Company’s unforgiveable truth: if the water source contained fluoride, then the Dasani® bottled water that consumers were drinking also contained fluoride. I insisted that the Operator [Operator Number and call details available upon request] divulge the water source for my zip code; I was given the name of the local Saint Charles community. However, when I asked for the number to the local bottling center, surprisingly he refused to provide that information.

Only after performing due diligence follow-up phone calls [phone records available upon request], did we discover that the information provided by the operator at the Coca-Cola® Company was, in fact, deliberately deceptive. The Saint Charles location was NOT the center responsible for actually bottling the Dasani® water; the Niles/Alsip plant actually performed that function. Upon further inquiry with the Water Department in Niles, we were informed that the Niles city water was indeed fluoridated. However, according to the Niles Water Department spokesperson,the Niles water was actually purchased directly from the City of Chicago; Niles only added certain chemicals to treat the Chicago water for potability.

I was outraged. Those who are not from the Chicagoland area might not be aware that Chicago is ranked 18th amongst the Top 20 worst water quality cities in the country!


Sure enough, a due diligence investigation with the Niles Water Department confirmed that the source of the water was full of contaminants.


As the single parent, head-of-household and the mother of a disabled child, I had tried to eliminate all of the foodstuffs which were known to exacerbate the severity of my daughter’s neurological condition. Here was irrefutable evidence that the water that I had been purchasing in good faith to hydrate my sickly, disabled daughter, which had been marketed as ‘pure’ from a company that I trusted, was, in all probability, slowly poisoning her.

I felt betrayed. The Coca-Cola® Company, which was as much a part of my vision of Americana as apple pie and baseball, was deliberately promoting a product that was deceptively labeled in order to hide the fact that it contained poisons and contaminants.

[Actual photos of deceptive labels on both the case and individual bottles, which deceptively hide the origin of the bottling source and infer instead that the bottling plant was Atlanta, Georgia, are available upon request.]

Instead of originating in Georgia, as the misleading labeling on both the case and individual bottles would lead consumers to believe, the Dasani® water that we have been purchasing came from the same local Chicagoland water supply that we knew was considered to be one of the worst water sources in the nation.

Before we accused anyone of deliberate deception, however, we undertook a due diligence effort to examine the website text. Our web search was frustrated by the fact that we had to dive five layers deep to get any information on the subject and then it was only marformation.


You have to drill down more than six layers if you try to access the Dasani® information from the main Coco-Cola® Company website.


We uncovered the ‘truth’ about local water sourcing buried under the very last option on the Dasani® menu, under the About option. This information does not, however, appear anywhere on the labels of the case or individual bottles.

After further research, we also found a site that provided links to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s study, which reported that Dasani® bottled water contained an average 0.07 ppm of fluoride.


In fact, fluoride was present in each of the 20 Dasani® bottles used in the test sampling, with specific test results ranging from 0.02 to 0.19 ppm of fluoride.


Another 2012 study reported that Dasani® water also contained at least 23ppm of Total Dissolved Solids [TDS]; that is more than DOUBLE the FDA mandate that bottled water have a total TDS reading of no greater than 10ppm.


After listening to The Alex Jones Show® over the past few years, I am embarrassed to say that I am still shocked that the Coca-Cola® Company would resort to deliberately deceptive practices to dupe unsuspecting, trusting and loyal consumers to purchase a product that they know is anything but ’pure.’

And Justice for Whom™?

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2 responses to Water, Water, Anywhere? How the Coca-Cola Company is slowly poisoning unsuspecting Consumers…

  1. Yep, almost 20 years of being horribly addicted to mountain dew since I was 9 it was thanks to infowars that I quit. Specifically, this article; http://landdestroyer.blogspot.com/2011/03/globalists-worst-nightmare.html?m=1

    Which has been an inspiration since, and I’ve begun writing to rally his case from another direction; http://planet.infowars.com/activism/gasoline

    Please read, rate, and respond. Enjoy your healthy day!

  2. Sue their asses!! I dunno, great article though.

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