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Water Filter Dilemma: Berkey vs. ProPur

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June 28, 2012 in Health


Hey Everyone!

I am having a dilemma.  I’ve been interested in purchasing a water filtration system for quite some time now but have not been able to make a decision as to whether to buy a Berkey or a ProPur water filter.  I have in my mind pros and cons for both but just haven’t been able to pull the trigger and buy either one.  Does anyone have any suggestions as to which is the better product?  Or is there a better product out there that does essentially the same thing as these two?

My major problem with the Berkey is the plastic spigot.  I’m paranoid about plastic and even though the company claims it’s BPA free, I’m still weary.  My major problem with the ProPur is that apparently they still have not received NSF certification even though they claim to have it.

Also, to my understanding, the Berkey fluoride filters (and the ProPur’s as well maybe?) contain alumina in order to attract and remove the fluoride from the water.  It seems as though alumina is different from aluminum in that alumina is oxidized aluminum.  It’s also my understanding that aluminum is dangerous to the human brain.  Should I not use the fluoride filters because of this?  Anyone have any knowledge in this area as well?

Any help is appreciated!  Thanks!


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2 responses to Water Filter Dilemma: Berkey vs. ProPur

  1. Joe said on July 26, 2012

    I personally have a propure filter. I would recommend it simply because the filters are a little cheaper and its just a better buy. Plus you get yourself a discount through the infowars store. I’ve had it for 6months and its great and I’m feeling better. Now I cant even stand tap water. lol You cant go wrong with propur. Infact I want to get me the bigger one next pay check. lol Propur is the only way to go bud.


  2. I am interested in tis as well. Mainly to filter flouride.

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