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VIDEO REPORT:John McAfee taken to hospital

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December 7, 2012 in Health



VIDEO REPORTJohn McAfee taken to hospital

John McAfee was taken to hospital in Guatemala on Thursday, after complaining of chest pains while being detained by local authorities.

He initially refused to go to a hospital, saying he had relied on Chinese herbal medicine after suffering a heart attack in 1993.

“Last night I had a little bit of pain, but I am fine this morning,” McAfee told the Associated Press on Thursday. “I don’t like western medicine… if the people around me are kind and compassionate, that’s all that matters in life. The people of Guatemala are very kind people, so I have no complaints.”

A government doctor said McAfee’s heart rhythm and blood pressure were normal and that he had not suffered a heart attack during the night.

ABC’s Matt Gutman has been tweeting some images from the scene:        Matt Gutman @mattgutmanABC

Ambulance entering facility where McAfee being held in Guatemala. He complained of chest pains earlier. http://t.co/CyMtVHhZ

John McAfee being taken to hospital in Guatemala. Local press is crazy here, now in a high speed chase after Ambulance http://t.co/NRl6JM6H

Following McAfee. He looked quite ill. He appeared unresponsive in ambulance. http://t.co/zqDwJTzG

McAfee appeared unresponsive, but when nurses undressed him, he said quite clearly, “please not in front of the press” http://t.co/I2jpJncH

The crush or journos in the emergency room. Swarming around McAfee. Bedlam. http://t.co/HJB7fffq

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