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Two Most Important Issues For Presidential Candidates To Discuss That Can Save America

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October 14, 2015 in Health


Declassify the 28 redacted pages of the 9/11 report and to secure the national power grid from attacks or natural disasters.

Rand Paul I’m rooting for you. Don’t always listen to your hired advisers. We’ve been living in a huge part of history and can greatly effect the future course of humanity. To the world I’m a nobody even though I’ve been bright enough to independently achieve the discovery of terrestrial planetary formation. People can easily get uptight in their perplexity when confronted with truths that seem foreign to whatever the current state of the world is. Maybe that’s why I’ve gone unrecognized for what is a momentous scientific accomplishment, if things had been otherwise I would’ve already brought these most urgent national security issues to the forefront myself.

Those two issues are not only important but strategically stated to produce the greatest positive effects in the most expedient manner as possible. The ‘federal reserve’ and all the other criminal organizations masquerading as some form of governance can be done away with overtime. Tyranny has to get exposed by its lack of respect for the individual. People like Obama try to tell us to keep faith even though it’s a corrupted system and they’ve practically refused for many years to address the most immediate national security threat.

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