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Top 10 ways to ease symptoms of hangover

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February 1, 2017 in Health


Feel like you’re still drowning from the barrels of alcohol you’ve put inside your system the previous night? The aftermath will leave you feeling like you’re still hallucinating and with a brain that’s ready to crack in half anytime soon.

Promising yourself you’ll never fill up on alcohol like you just did ever again isn’t going to help you improve your condition but, this list of how to cure hangover can make you capable of doing hang 10 again in no time at all:

1. Sleep in some more. Sometimes, the combination of alcohol and very little sleep is what’s causing you to feel the earth beneath your feet rotate in the galaxy. When you don’t feel like getting up yet and still feel like your eyes can use more shut time, do so. This way, you’re eliminating symptoms of sleeplessness. Later, you can tackle the alcohol overload.

2. Drink water. As soon as you’re ready to get up, the first thing you should do is to hydrate. Now, whether you should have a glass of ice cold water or a mug of boiling water depends on what kind of alcohol is causing your head to pound.

Too much beer calls for ice cold water. On the other hand, hard drinks like brandy, cognac or mojitos call for very hot water. When you feel like throwing up, you’d rather do so and induce it with hot water. Once you get that poison out of your season, you are guaranteed to feel so much better.

3. Hit the cold shower. Brave the shower. Bathe in cold setting to wake up your mind and your system. Wash off the stench of alcohol and smoke from the previous night. Detaching yourself from the smell of elements from the night before can instantly make you feel better and even forget that you’re having a really bad hangover.

4. Load up on a glass full of vitamins and minerals. Replace lost nutrients in your system. Search your fridge for any kind of fruit and vegetable. Cut this up into smaller pieces and use the blender to mix everything up into a beautiful fruit and veggie juice blend. Add in crushed ice. Drink bottoms up.

5. Prepare a heavy meal. To ease stomach spasm, you should give your tummy something that it can chew on. Prepare a big sandwich, rice meal or carb meal that will incorporate plenty of proteins in it. Avoid making your meal to nastily taste like grease although generally, it’s alright to have greasy foods.

6. Replenish lost electrolytes. You must know that you’re having a bad hangover because your body is severely dehydrated and low on water. When you kept going in and out of the bathroom the previous night, that was already a sign that you were losing too much water in your system. Now is the time to makeup for that loss. Drink up water with a pinch or two of salt in it. Better yet, load up with a bottle or two of your favorite sports drink.

7. Burp it out. Ease your acidic stomach by decreasing the gas inside. Open a can of soda after your heavy meal and drink it up fast. If soda is a big diet no-no, reach for high citrus fruits like oranges or tangerines. Juice these and add carbonated water if desired.

8. Take an aspirin. Ease that migraine and steady your nerves by popping an aspirin. This can do wonders to your mood. Read the labels carefully and make sure to take a non-drowse if you have compelling reasons to stay awake. If you can afford to fall asleep then better take the other kinds so you can help recover your system from a good, long sleep.

9. Go for a high-intensity run or workout. It dehydrates you even more but also raises endorphin levels which can instantly make you feel better, not to mention, also happier. Keep your water within reach to avoid dehydrating yourself further.

10. Load up on nuts. After your workout, snack on nuts. These will help wipe your system clear of alcohol so you can function regularly once again.


“If getting drunk was how people forgot they were mortal, then hangovers were how they remembered,” British novelist Matt Haig writes. Remember this day so you won’t ever have to think alcohol does not make you vulnerable. Party wisely and drink moderately.

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