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To The Young People At Heart

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November 8, 2015 in Health


I know the Christ is real. God saved me from the world to end up become a better man at 18 is when I begun to read the Bible by my freewill yet I was given very clear hints in my own mind. Not long after begun to have immense amounts of power surging throughout me. I prayed for God to test me because it felt like I could take on anything but that was a prideful mistake. In my naivety eventually begun to believe that the devil can’t be real. Don’t make the mistakes that I have, and I wouldn’t always believe what the world says since it’s been madly corrupted for a very long time, history shows this is not a joke.

Back during my senior year at high school I was thinking deeply to my own during class then I thought to myself to the most sincere extend possible and questioned; what if I saw a giant asteroid heading right in the vicinity with at that point being unable to avoid death… what would I think mattered most? What I felt the most important aspect of life on earth is good family and friends simply enjoying life. Living out in nature among an healthy environment with plenty nice days close to a clean water source. Glistening rivers, lakes and oceans of life giving. The sun shining through the greens leaves within a forest of beautiful trees, plants and all the wilderness around us providing the essential ecosystem which we should be thriving among. We need to integrate nature into the cities and then everyone could be more in tuned to the natural rather than wasting away in an artificial ‘reality’.

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  1. The key thing I meant to mention is the need to live humble. Not by force or decree but through inner being.

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