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Tip using raw Garlik.

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January 11, 2013 in Health


If you use raw garlik,cooked is useless anyway,as an anti-viral or whatever,chop it up into slices or fine,and leave it for 10 minits to activate befor eating or adding it to soups or other dishes.

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3 responses to Tip using raw Garlik.

  1. For people who do not already know, look up CODEX ALIMENTARIUS “hope i spelled it correctly”.
    Any herb or spice seen to be of benifit to aid in curing ailments is to be banned and only to be available on
    prescription.This EU LAW HAS ALREADY BEEN PASSED. So learn how to grow these herbs and make sure you have enough seed to carry on.This is where your NEW WORLD ORDER is taking us. RESIST AND REVOLT. They want to kill you. peace and justice FOR ALL. mylo

  2. Cooked garlic is not useless. It just does things other than raw garlic. For antimicrobal action garlic should be raw and chewed in the mouth to release allicin the antimicrobal agent in garlic.

    Allimed is the garlic prep of choice for fighting infection. It can cure MRSA as it has its allicin intact.

    • Eating raw garlic is a bit strong for first timers or take out the stalk from inside …to eliminate the smell …try something a bit less powerful from the onion family or use in a soup….but natural and raw will have the strongest effect

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