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Thoughts on Food Stamp Purchase Restrictions

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September 15, 2012 in Health


Could (and Should) the Food Stamp Program be run Like WIC?



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3 responses to Thoughts on Food Stamp Purchase Restrictions

  1. on one hand I agree with restrictions on foodstamps but on the other hand I don’t.
    I have seen people waste stamps on junk. few know you can buy food producing plants and seeds with fs.
    however don’t we want to neuter “big brother” and not beg for more control?? I’d rather see workshops on how to beat the current system and get off assistance completely!

  2. I’ve heard about problems at check-out, too. Only certain brands and sizes are allowed, or the total goes over the allowed dollar amount, things of that nature.
    Another complaint I’ve heard is that the children’s height and weight are periodically evaluated, but that the team at the WIC office doesn’t do anything about it like give you more food if your child is under weight. They just mark it down in their little government book, right next to whether or not you vaccinated your child.

  3. Food stamps are bad, yes. But WIC is even worse. It’s a complete joke and everyone I’ve spoken to hates having to use it. Many complain of purchase issues at the checkout line.

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