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The Zombie Apocalypse

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January 26, 2013 in Health


Some people go out looking for the lost sheep.  We go to other forums and social groups and meetups and get to know people who find the truth interesting.  Then we send them links to some o the answers they are looking for, and then we share this network.  Some join us and began seeking a righteous and honorable form of government under the Natural Law.

In every society and community today the irrational behavior of some will make you think that we are in a Zombie Apocalypse. The truth is we are.

What you are dealing with in the United States and in the “world” today is the Zombie Apocalypse.  Most of the people do not have eyes to see or ears to hear because they are dead already. Let the dead bury the dead.
As an example, David thinks that Capitalists are fearful to the point of paranoia with anything “collective” or “cooperative.” David could choose to gather together with all his progressive friends and form a private collective and create their own healthcare system but what David really wants is to get the government to force people to contribute so he can be secure without doing the work himself. He does not know the meaning of cooperate but wants to live by the sword.
Carter thinks Rome built all its society with tax dollars when the truth is they rose to power on the shoulders of voluntarism through private collective enterprises.  Originally temples like Janus were investment houses where people bought shares in collective enterprises like harbors and mines and trade routes. The success of these private enterprises paid for the sewers etc.  Socialism did not get started in Rome until Pompey and then more with his opponents than with him.  Augustus got the ball rolling on socialism yet still he funded almost half the welfare out of his own pocket. His pockets were deep having stolen the estates of his opponents during a civil war.  After that socialism was on the rise in the Roman empire. Free bread circuses like the 50 million Americans on food stamps and watching that coliseum in a box we call TV are just the tip of the iceberg.
Social security, going to public schools are all part of the welfare of the “world” that Christ and Christians would have no part of because it was the way of death for individuals and society as a whole.
The walking dead, who now outnumber the living, cannot see that, which is why it is called the Zombie Apocalypse.  This type of system of forced social welfare was the unrighteous mammon that
would “fail” and Christians learned quickly to do with out it before it failed.  States like Judea adopted a system of social security called the Corban of the Pharisees.  Christ said it made the word of God to non effect and the progressive systems of social welfare at the point of a sword do the same today.  It is for the dead.
Most  people claiming to be Christians are not Christians. They are Zombies.  Rome too had its own Zombie Apocalypse just like what you see all over the “world” today.
I just come to groups like this trolling and fishing for the living.  I know, I know, Why look for the living amongst the dead? :-)
You cannot just opt out of social security. You are human resources, merchandise. Pharaoh, i.e. Uncle Sam will not let you go. But there is a solution but you have to seek the truth and start changing your ways one step at a time. We are building a Living network and Zombies need not apply.

If you want healthcare, do it yourself.
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Brother Gregory Williams, His Holy Church

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