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The list of ways for Pampering Yourself During your Pregnancy

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August 13, 2017 in Health


With the wonderful occasion of your pregnancy comes many other changes to your body and it can stress you out along with other stress factors that have become a part of modern life. Handling your family, work and yourself becomes much tougher during this time. It is always necessary for mommy-to-be to stay fit and active during pregnancy and pamper herself. Then only you can give your child the best care they need. Take a look at these simple ways by which you can take care of yourself without stressing much about anything. Here are few tips for your gorgeous mommy-to-be.

• Before deciding on the diagnostic centre you want to visit, make a list of diagnostic centres in Mumbai where your doctor visits patients and where it is possible to travel regularly.

• Go for regular diagnostic check-ups. Don’t ever miss one and try to take your husband/boyfriend/family member/friend or co-worker whoever you feel comfortable during these check-ups. It can give you a sense of satisfaction and peace which will be good for you and your baby.

• Take nap whenever you feel like but don’t disrupt your night sleep. Always go to bed early and take light meals before bed-time. If you can’t sleep early then listen to some good music and light some candles which can help you unwind and make you relax.

• Always take up yoga and follow it religiously but of course froman experienced teacher. Some prenatal yoga poses like standing mountain, cat/cow sequence, lotus pose, bound angle pose, easy pose, and sitting side stretch can work wonders for your body and your baby’s as well.

• Read good books and articles which can help you in relaxing your mind and soul. Consider this phase as a time for pampering yourself.

• Take long, warm baths and even go for spa or facial, but make sure it is herbal and free of harmful cosmetic drugs.
• Buy some good looking maternity clothes and feel gorgeous again. Take clues from your favourite celebrities and rock those gorgeous maternity dresses.

• Always go for pedicures as pregnancy causes swelling foot and a good pedicure can give you some relief for days.

• Pregnancy is a huge change for every couple. It is advisable that you go with our partner for a baby moon. This short vacation will help you re-energize and will strengthen your bond with your partner for the longer term. You guys will be able to feel like newly married again. A baby moon can help you get over your issues before the baby comes. It is necessary for parents to be happy before the baby comes. So why not sort out all your issues during this short baby moon.

• Enjoy small shopping trips with your favourite girls and savour them as much as possible because after the baby comes it really becomes impossible to go for shopping regularly during the first few months.

Always pamper yourself during this period and do your tests regularly from your diagnostic labs in Mumbai so that you can have a happy and a safe pregnancy.

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