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The increase of the insane walking the streets

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December 15, 2012 in Health


There is just no way to understand the insane psychotic mind. One just cannot make sence of why someone would decide it is a good idea to eat another human being(Jeffrey Dahmer), Or why someone would force 909 people to commit sucide (Jim Jones).These are just a few examples. The one constant is they are predatorial. They seek targets of opportunity, Those they consider weaker than themselves or those who have unknowingly let their guard down and do not have the means to defend themselves. Over the past several decades there has been an increase in psychotic individuals, No one seems to be asking the question in the mainstream, Why the increase. One thing to be noted since the 60s it has increased substantially. It looks to be the white elephant in the room no one is willing to address

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  1. They are closing down the mental health facilitys and putting them in private care wich equals death sentence for most of the chalnged In illinios they have a rampet problem with the care of these people and i have heard storys of them takeing van loads and they were ordered to drop them of in down town chicago the ones that are more mobile and have slight comprehension end up in jail and further abused by the system i have watched first hand a mentaly ill woman relased time and time again with out the proper help till she is arrested then diganosed sent to mental facility then released

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