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Test for Chinese Drywall; Copper Corrosion Confirmation:

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February 8, 2013 in Health



A jar test is used to visually document the phenomenon of copper corrosion in the presence of test drywall samples. A copper tube is placed in the jars with the drywall sample… The one on the left says “FIRE RES”…. ( SITANT ), So, guess what it is made of. I guess it is low in Sulfur?  






Drywall/sheetrock may contain sulfur. There may be multiple sources of sheetrock in your home so you can test multiple areas to ensure that you do not end your effort after one negative result…  Sulfur oxidizes copper, photos from test above… However, that does not go to the other ingredients in sheetrock… (?)   



Chromatogram from Gas Chromatography/Sulfur Chemiluminescence Detector (GC/SCD) Analysis of Chinese Drywall Chamber Sample (1 mL injection of 1L chamber containing 50g defective Chinese drywall, incubated for 48 hours at 37ºC.) 

So, it breaks down, and stinks ( Hydrogen Sulfide…) Maybe it keeps Mold from growing? Just trying to find a positive here… Personally, I advocate living in an environment that has as few off gassing materials as possible. Skim coat it and recover with a zero V.O.C. primer… Then, cover with whatever suits you…  

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  1. Wow!! Research this some more my friend – this is ground breaking news. People really need to pay attention to the slow kill weaponry evident in even our home building materials

    • Greetings, Thank you for the comment… I put that up, with a Life’s worth of visual focus… ( It should be “ground breaking news”…) Do Not Buy – “Made in China”… There are more aspects to this than I can write now… Soft Kill / Slow Kill, False Flag; it is all to the same end… You, have a handle on the “Truth”; and You, should take that wisdom and, fly “IT” High… Be well… o… 14/02/13

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