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How To Reverse Receding Gums Without Surgery?

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December 1, 2016 in Health


The first signs of a receding gum problem are usually redness of the tissue and then easily bleeding with any pressure. Unfortunately, this is usually long after the actual disease that causes of receding gums. That is why the best way to prevent and stop receding gums is to properly care for your teeth and mouth all the time.

Common causes

Receding gums can be induced by several things, most commonly incorrect brushing and flossing, brushing too hard over a long period of time, bad eating habits, and even grinding the teeth. All of these things are items that can be dealt with before and adverse symptoms appear.

Plaque buildup is the number one cause of most forms of gum disease receding gums. When plaque builds up, it releases harmful toxins into the gum line, which causes an infection and swelling of the tissues. The resulting inflammation makes the gums recede and furthers the problem by exposing the root of the tooth.

Proper eating habits such as avoiding sweets and acidy foods as well as regular brushing and dental checkups go a long way to preventing the onset of periodontal disease that is the main cause of receding gums.

Learning the correct way to brush and floss can prevent the damage of enamel and gums from brushing too hard, and if any occurrence of grinding becomes apparent a quick trip to the dentist for a mouth guard will help to prevent damage and reverse receding gums naturally.

Noticeable symptoms

Once the disease has advanced to outwardly noticeable symptoms you will often see such issues arise as:

• Sensitivity of Tooth — cold and hot foods impacting on exposed nerves create an extreme pain that can often times become unbearable.
• Toothy smiles — Teeth appear longer because the gums are receding back from the base of the tooth. This creates a very ‘toothy smile’. As the gums recede further pockets between the teeth at the root become visible.
• Notched tooth — as the root of the tooth is exposed a notched can be felt when running a finger, or the tongue over the tooth. This is the exposed edge of the enamel above which is the tooth root.
• Color change — the tooth appears to become a different color. This is due to the difference in color between the enamel, and the cementum (the surface layer of the tooth).
• Space between teeth becomes wider — in actuality, it is the same, but the gums pulling back show the spaces between the roots and the teeth appear to be pulling apart.
• Increased incidence of cavities.
Halitosis – caused by the infection in the gums. At this stage of gum disease, there are several remedies that can help delaying the progression of the disease.

Treatment For Receding Gums

Receding gum is a condition brought on generally by periodontal disease such as gum recession. In its very early stages, the conditions that cause receding gums often go unnoticed, but it is not a quick process. The receding gum line takes years to get to a state where pain and visible symptoms can be found. For that reason the best cure is prevention and several things you can do to help ward off receding gums are:

• Learn and apply proper brushing and flossing techniques – Spend some time to thoroughly brush all surfaces of the teeth along with Natures Smile gum paste for receding gums. As well as learning the proper procedure for flossing is also essential. The herbal solution of Naturessmile gum paste for receding gum kill all nasty bacteria and give you a clean and healthy mouth free of receding gums cavities.

• When brushing uses the appropriate brush texture for your teeth – If you have sensitive teeth, or a dentist has recommended the use of a softer brush make sure you select that type when purchasing new toothbrushes. In some cases over brushing, or hard pressure ,when brushing, can cause damage to the tooth and gum line causing the gums to recede.

• Eat a proper diet – Sugary, starchy, and acidic foods have been proven to increase the likelihood of gum disease that causes gums to recede. If you find yourself faced with eating such foods be sure to brush and floss immediately afterward to prevent plaque from building up and causing problems with your gums.

• Get regular dental checkups – Seeing your dentist for regular cleaning and checkups can catch symptoms of gum disease early before significant damage has occurred. At that time, it is best treated by further preventative measures that are much more effective than attempting to stop or reverse receding gums after it has become more severe.

Smile gum paste for stop receding gums

At present millions of people throughout the world regularly using Natures Smile gum paste for receding gums to fight with gum diseases. For these reasons, it is always advisable to prevent gum disease and stop receding gums with Naturessmile receding gums paste rather than try to prevent or cure it after it has become a problem.

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Gingivitis: The Leading Cause Of All The Gum Problems

The leading cause of all the gum problems and the gum disease gingivitis is the plaque, which develops in between the teeth. In turn, the plaque develops as a result of the bacteria that get mixed up with our saliva and the starch that sticks to the teeth after we consume foods that contain a good amount of starch in them. Reverse receding gums without surgery and the best cures for gingivitis can be obtained from the dentist, or one can stick to the natural means to deal with them.

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Causes Of Gingivitis

However, before proceeding towards the discussion on the cures for gingivitis, the causes that are accounted for the development of gingivitis should be discussed first.

1. The plaque primarily develops if the teeth are not cleaned properly after meals. Plaque sticks to the teeth in the form of a white coat, these further results in the formation of tartar.
2. Tartar develops if the plaque sticks to the teeth and it is kept unchecked. Development of plaque is a gradual process; every time a meal is taken, it leads to the development of plaque in the teeth.
3. Moreover, if the teeth are not cleaned by brushing every time after taking meals, the plaque will stick to the teeth and over time will lead to the development of tartar. Tartar once it develops in the teeth requires dentists help in order to remove them.
4. Plaque primarily develops in the teeth and gum region, further, spreads into the deeper regions surrounding the bone, this results in the inflammation of the gums.

Moreover, from the inflammation that develops in the gums, is where the bleeding occurs. Due to the swelling of the gums the individual faces the chronic pain in the gums and experiences bleeding at the time of brushing. Read more about reverse receding gum line. This happens, as a result, the skin in the swollen region remains tender due to the inflammation in the region and when the individual brushes the skin in the swollen region tears and leads to bleeding. This is mostly seen in cases when the individual is not used to cleaning his or her teeth regularly. Over time the plaque that develops in the teeth accumulates and forms into tartar. This tartar is mainly responsible for the gingivitis to develop in the gums and cures for gingivitis can be obtained by getting the tartar cleaned with the help of a dentist.

An individual can easily realize that he or she is suffering from gingivitis or not by the red and swollen gums. Furthermore, the red and swollen gums are no doubt the basic symptom that shows the individual is suffering from gingivitis and requires a bleeding gum cure. Yet, there are a few other symptoms that will aid the individuals to presume whether they are suffering from gingivitis or similar gum problems before availing cures for gingivitis and fix receding gums naturally.

The simple symptoms are apparently the swollen and red gums, which show the individuals gums are infected.
• Individuals might as well experience chronic bad breath coming out from them, as a result of the gingivitis infection present in the gums.
• The gums tend to want at the time of such gingivitis infection. This also results in the loss of teeth due to the inflammation in the space between teeth and gums. This space tends to increase.
• Based on the intensity of the gingivitis infection the individuals will experience various intense in the bleeding of their gums. Moreover, based on this they are to be treated with the cures of gingivitis.

Some of the common symptoms are stated above that will assist in presuming whether the individual is suffering from gum disease or not. However, as there is the problem, there are the cures for gingivitis that can be obtained from the dentists. Dentists will be able to expertly handle the condition of the gums and clean the infection. However, it is required to follow some natural ways that will help in sustaining the health of the gums for a long period.

Consumption of vital vitamins:

Consumption of vital vitamins like vitamin C and vitamin D does not only help in order to obtain the cures for gingivitis but also helps to reverse receding gums without surgery. These essential vitamins constitute Vitamin C and D. Previously it was known that the lack of vitamin C in the body leads to the deficiency disease of scurvy. Scurvy is typically a gum disease that leads to the inflammation of gums. However, here in the case of inflammation in the gums due to the accumulation of plaque one can fight the problem by consuming vitamin C constituting foods. Vitamin C is considered to be antioxidant, this helps in the acceleration of bone regeneration and repairing the connective tissue. The recent researches have shown that Vitamin D has anti-inflammatory properties in it, and helps to overcome the vulnerability towards gum diseases when consumed on a regular basis. Researchers stated that even sun exposure helps in the cures for gingivitis.

It is important to mention that the areas around a bridge that supports an artificial tooth, receive special care to prevent gingivitis from evolving and destroying the teeth that support the bridge.

Likewise, it is necessary to know that the problem of gingivitis can evolve beyond the gums and teeth. In the mouth there are more than 700 types of bacteria (some of them potentially harmful) and if oral health is not taken care of, other areas may be affected. Many studies show that if the problem is not treated, the risk of cardiovascular (heart) disease increases by 25% to 30% .

On the other hand, the diseases that imply a lowering of the defenses make the gingivitis worse, since these cannot fight the increase of bacteria. You can use natural mouthwash to cure gingivitis and reverse receding gum with natural mouthwash.

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