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Fox Reporters Fired For Exposing U.S. Milk Contamination & Monsanto

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March 10, 2013 in Health


Corruption, lies, GMO’s. The story of 2 brave reporters that wouldn’t go down without a fight

Government & Government promoted industries  trade  lives for cash

The FDA is allowing many deadly and dangerous drugs , chemicals to be consumed by Americans in the name of profit, WITHOUT thorough testing and in some cases, such as Splenda… NO TESTING!      All for profit.

They are trying to make us sick and kill us!

America and Americans are directly in the crosshairs of the global elite!

Do you think the billionaires of this world feed their families this ?     Or, force their families to take vacines?


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3 responses to Fox Reporters Fired For Exposing U.S. Milk Contamination & Monsanto

  1. I would have pretended to comply and said yeah I will do whatever you say and then when it came to LIVE broadcast, I would have reported the truth, as well as being threatened to be fired for reporting the story and the owners trying to suppress the story.

  2. we should force them to

  3. Great peace, those reporters are my new heroes.

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