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Refusing Medical Treatment is Kidnapping

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December 3, 2012 in Health


This morning I was watching the Today Show. I only watch it because I get curious about the kind of propaganda that America is fed. There was a story about a girl who has leukemia and was being treated in the hospital. The story was that

her mother took her out of the hospital before the doctors were done treating her. There was video cameras that capture her walking with her daughter and another child, which I assume was her son, while still on an IV which was hooked up to her heart. The mother takes her into the bathroom and removes the IV and changes her cloths. The police are now involved looking for the girl who has been missing since last Wednesday, 11/28/12. The statement says they are worried about the girl getting an infection.

My first thought was “Why is this news?” I thought about it later and I realized that they (NBC/The Today Show) made it seem like the mother was kidnapping her own daughter. The piece did not mention that the father was worried or that he reported her missing or anything. However, they are trying to implicate that this was is a bad mother for invoking her right to refuse medical treatment for her daughter.

Since the police are involved, this has become a kidnapping issue. This is a blatant violation of this woman’s rights. There is nothing stating why she took her daughter out of the hospital. This is a way for the police to say you don’t have the right to chose care for your children. This needs to be exposed as a fraud on this.

Here is the link to the video. See for yourself:


Infowars.com Videos:

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  1. Oh yeah.. they do play tricks on people minds like that. But if you look at what they say and what they show – it’s all good and it might seem like you just have paranoia. But yeah.. there are these tricks how they create a bacground of news preparing audience for when the time will be right and things like these realy will be a crime – people won’t even notice since the news will pretty much seem the same.. just few words will be diferent.

    But beisdes that – i realy like how news people talk in american news. How they use emphases like a teacher talking to a retarded child so the right words stay in your mind like Gagas sick song lyrics. Repetitions and stuff.. ahh.. it’s like all from the one and the same book “how to talk with stupid”. :)

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