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“Hey Man! You want some Psychotropic Milk?”

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March 6, 2013 in Health



Celeste Bishop

Free Access: For Educational Purposes Only:  NIAA Raw Milk Powerpoint

Milk is defined as Psychotropic Drug

Can I be frank? The government is down-right lying to American consumers declaring that raw milk is dangerous and might even contain ‘bugs’ that are double as “psychotropic drugs”. The FDA and their public-private partner friends have come up with a new line to scare unwary consumers into believing that raw milk is a dangerous psychotropic drug and kills babies.

The concept of milk being a psychotropic drug was introduced at a NIAA conference. The National Institute of Animal Agriculture (NIAA) is the agriculture conference which directs US agricultural trends for the year at the behest of the OIE, the self-appointed ‘˜Organization for Animal Health’; and the FAO, Food and Agricultural Organization, both branches of the United Nations. According to Dr. Vasavada, a speaker at NIAA, raw milk contains odorless pathogens. Just what are these pathogens?  Are these pathogens something that the consumer needs to be aware?

Dangerous Pathogens

Free Access: For Educational Purposes Only:  NIAA Raw Milk Powerpoint

Real Milk Contains ‘Bugs’

Dr. Vasvada begins his presentation by emphasizing that there are microorganisms in raw milk. This is true because raw milk is living, unlike pasteurized ‘˜dead’ milk sold to consumers at the grocery store. He then goes on to say that these microorganisms in milk affect the shelf-life, quality of the product, fermentation of cultures and pro-biotics (which is a good thing), and concludes that these products need regulation and safety procedures because they may contain dangerous pathogens. Raw milk is not cookie-cutter dead milk that you will get at the grocery stores. Raw milk is creamy and tasty and does contain good bacteria beneficial to health. After about 10 days refrigerated raw milk will sour. This sour milk is still good and historically was a favorite ingredient among housewives ingredient for making delicious gingerbread, fluffy biscuits, and many other traditional recipes. Pasteurized milk is dead milk.  It is spoiled before you get it home and can become pathogenic at any moment,  not fit for a garbage dump.

Just what organisms are in milk? Both raw milk and people carry bacteria, yeast, mold and viruses. This is where the doctor begins his web of deception begins.  Twenty ‘bugs’ are presented, some being good, some pathogenic and dangerous to humans.  In the presentation five of the ‘bugs’ listed have an asterisk after them. When one goes to the bottom of the page one learns that the asterisk means that ‘bug’ is psychotropic. Psychotropic drugs according to Taber’s Medical Encyclopedia are, “Drugs which affect psychic function, behavior, or experience”. Many drugs can be classed as being  psychotropic.

Commercial Milk Contains Weaponized ‘Bugs’

The ‘bugs’ that this doctor enumerates are ‘bugs’ that are enhanced at modern biological weapons facilities. Let’s take for instance: Acinetobacter.* Acinetobacter first reared it’s ugly head, sickening 700 of our military men and women, killing seven. Is it likely that Acinetobacter inhabits your nice cold glass of raw milk from a local farm? Not likely, unless the military or one of it’s ‘food defense’ partners has put it there.

Oops! The conspiracy is back when the lecturer discusses where the milk might get these milk microorganisms. First, he declares that raw milk is sterile medium. This is a bold faced lie. The whole presentation is geared around the premise that there are microorganisms in raw milk, so how is it now that he claims raw milk is sterile? The doctor develops his fear campaign revealing that milk can become contaminated with various diseases originating  from the skin, from the environment, from bedding, from milking equipment, from insects, and lastly, horror-of-horrors from people!  This is really stretching the truth about as far as one can stretch it.

Fighting for Healthy Raw Milk

People have consumed raw milk for centuries with no adverse effects until after the advent of pasteurization upsetting the natural process of balanced & healthy milk making it dead. After pasteurization made its way into the commercial milk market it became a public hazard accounting for 25% of all food disease outbreaks. Rather than regulating pasteurized milk the regulators turned on raw milk, banning the public’s right to raw milk in 40 states. Despite the prohibition consumers insist on raw milk because they know it is alive with good nutrients and microorganisms which promote good health. Consumers are going to their legislatures and demanding that overly obtrusive regulations and legislation be overturned.

Free Access: For Educational Purposes Only:  NIAA Raw Milk Powerpoint

It is disheartening that people are forced to resort to legislative and regulatory ‘hearings’ to get back their right to drink pure raw milk. This NIAA presentation then rings the alarm button in American consumers by listing 15 dangerous pathogens that most people have heard of but they are not aware that they are not common on a small American farm. The International and American Dairy Council is pushing for international guidelines such as a ‘Free’ label, ‘milk certification’, and ‘quality milk’ programs. Can a label or certification keep your milk microorganism free?  The truth of the matter is that a label will do nothing to protect you from a dangerous pathogens in the milk you purchase at the grocery store. These guidelines eliminate the freedom of choice and add expense to your already hurting pocketbook.

New Pathogenic Psychotropic Milk Adulteration

The doctor reveals that 8 serious pathogens found in raw milk quotes the CDC who says that they have only been around ‘for 20 years.’ Of these eight dangerous bacteria three were listed as ‘˜psychotropic’. So where did these ‘bugs’ come from? Certainly not from American family farms!  A better guess would be a plethora of biological warfare facilities experimenting with the foods you consume.

Lethal Raw Milk Infant Formula?

As if the fear-mongering purported microorganisms in raw milk were not bad enough the ‘paradigm’ shift now moves to down-and-dirty propaganda. One of the ‘odorless recognized’ bugs supposedly found in raw milk and milk products is Klebsiella. Klebsiella can be found naturally in water and vegetation. The impression one is left after the presentation is that this pathogen comes directly from raw milk. With the utmost deception the doctor begins to educate the audience on another pathogen, Enterbacter sakazakii, which supposedly causes the death of premature infants in neonatal intensive care units. He introduces the idea that Enterbacter sakazakii enters the infants body through reconstituted infant formula. Infant formula is a powdered milk-based substance that serves as a vehicle to spread infection and targets the ‘poor’. To further emphasize the pathogen lethality the speaker makes the claim that this ‘bug’ causes environmental contamination. What does raw milk have to do with reconstituted baby formula? Commercial infant formula is not made from raw milk!  Some reconstituted infant formulas do not contain any milk products whatsoever!  Enterbacter sakazakii is presented as a pathogen that is heat-resistant.  If that is the case, pasteurization, their remedy to kill all milk microorganisms, would in fact not work against the ‘bugs’ illustrated. The consumer and audience is left with the impression raw milk = dead babies. This physician is terrorizing the public sharing horror stories that these babies die tragically from a ‘bug’ that eats away at their stomach and intestines causing sepsis, then death, alluding that the root of the problem is raw milk.

             Free Access: For Educational Purposes Only:  NIAA Raw Milk Powerpoint

Health Officials and Regulators to the Rescue!

Besides pasteurization what are the FDA partners recommending for dairy facilities to stop these microorganisms, real and contrived, dead in their tracks? Their goal is to get the consumer to agree that commercial dead milk is their only option. For biosecurity farms must implement: quality control, quality assurance, various on-farm regulatory controls such as ‘quick tests’, PCR’s, bio-sensors, micro-arrays, and a galaxy of guidelines, regulations, laws, fines, penalties that takes our nutrient-dense raw-milk and squeezes the life out of it until it deemed ‘safe’ by authorities.  These same authorities have probably have never even stepped foot on a farm, except for a virtual tour or photo opportunity. These are the same people who are calling the shots on food safety.

What is a Psychotropic Drug?

The American Medical Association Encyclopedia states, “Psychotropic drugs are “Drugs that have an effect on the mind. They include hallucinogenic drugs, sedative drugs, sleeping drugs, tranquilizing drugs, and anti-psychotic drugs.”  It has been known for centuries that if one is having a sleepless night a mug of warm raw milk will relax you causing you to fall asleep like a baby. It appears as though the powers-that-be are  planning for milk to be classified as a  “drug” because of its relaxing properties on the mind and body.  Their solution is to only purchase “safe” manipulated commercial milk or better yet support the pharmaceutical companies and just take a patented psychotropic drugs.

In your experience have incidents of food borne illness increased in your lifetime?  What are you going to do to preserve your right to access food you know is nutritious and safe?

What can I do?

10  Minute Individual:  Take one food bill, state or federal, and write a Memorandum of Opposition. Templates are available on the right sidebar of this website, just fill in your name, contact information, why you oppose the bill (in a few sentences), and what you the consumer or farmer want the government to do.

Say NO! 

Tell the government the obvious, raw milk in not a dangerous pathogenic psychotropic “drug”.

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  1. If you want your children to grow tall and strong – give them raw milk. Add a slice of white bread with a spoon of jam or honney on it and children will grow like mushrooms after rain. All you then need is some sunshine (vitamine D) and children won’t need no psychiatrists or anything.
    And when milk goes souer – pancakes! You can make them realy thin and serve anything wraped in them.

    I can not belive someone with a scientific degree would get involved into such blatant lies of milk being psychotropic. It’s absurd! Ok, raw milk isn’t for man-children and you realy have to know who you are buying it from. You have to be sure that it’s not some local drunk who drops cowcrap in his milk and realy takes good care for his animals. And if you are “animal friend” who worries about how happy animals are – the happyer the cow is, the better the milk will be and by buying that milk you make sure that the cow won’t end up asa burger, but will have more happy days ahead of her. :)
    So… if everything is done right and you have a trustworthy source of milk – trust thousands of years of human history insted of some jerk who doesn’t even deserve the degree he has! You don’t need your government to protect you from bad milk.. your comon sence is quite enought for that.

    You can not imagine how we laugh here when we see americans in Fear Factor drinking souer milk with the same discust in they faces as when they eat bugs. That is such a psyop people. Souer milk is realy alright. Especialy in a warm day during hard work.

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