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Pinkwashing Hell: Breast Removal as a Form of “Prevention”

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November 26, 2012 in Health


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1 response to Pinkwashing Hell: Breast Removal as a Form of “Prevention”

  1. This is why it is so important that patients go to appointments with their brains still attached to their skulls. Women need to fight against misinformation and not take ridiculous irrational measures that can scar their bodies or even possibly kill them. The same crap has been going on concerning supposed cervical cancer. Every woman I know and I do mean every one, that has had a baby in the last 10 years has been misled to believe they may have precancerous cervical cells and making them think they might have cancer. I posed the opinion to my OBGYN that the reality is that many changes happen to the body while pregnant and after having babies, therefore, it’s logical to guess that cells may act different and that it’s illogical to believe all the women I know who have had babies in the last ten years are all in danger of cervical cancer.

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