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Opening up to Blood type & Geno Type Diets for Survival

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November 26, 2012 in Health


As I wander through this existence , the benefits of experience allows for self correction and possibility of continued survival . Things come together , fitting into an order that is our own dynamic vision . I wanted to share with others a piece of what that experience has shown to me to be of great value .

Working with many different healing modalities over the years ,  I met a few alternative healers that seemed to me to be of great integrity , and I  held onto pieces of their work that I could hang onto & use . The work of Peter D’Adamo  is in harmony with that past and although not perfect to the letter , it is easy to apply in your life style and can provide great benefit  .  It is centered around the Different Blood Types , & partly influenced by an early survival strategy ( do to perceived abundance or scarcity by the unborn and newly born human being) , which determines what foods we subconsciously determine to be friend or foe ; to be assimilated  , or to be perceived as an invader and destroyed & expelled with an immune system reaction . There are shades of beneficial and harmful foods and supplements , some very beneficial to harmful . Foods and supplements also affect how our different and sometimes opposing genes express themselves . This can enables us to change our & our future children’s  , genetic tendencies ( resistance or predisposition to disease ) . I have worked with this belief system for about 3 years on myself , and tested & counseled about 60 others free of charge ,to  studying how well it worked out . And I have witnessed many health improvements , including the noticeable vitality & well being , weight loss , and reduction of inflammation & pain .

This is just a note to you all out there  , that from my humble but hard won perspective  ,   this is a deeply fascinating , inexpensive & relatively simple system to improve our health in profound ways and is well worth looking into .

In the honor of the truth that I am now able to recognize , good skill & fortune to us !

John A  Duffy

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