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One Health Cult Demands Call-to-Arms in Medicine

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January 14, 2013 in Health


One Health Cult Demands Call to Arms


Celeste Bishop

Accessed from 2006 Carcass Management Conference

Is it just coincidence that just as the UN arms control treaty heating up, with themselves being the exception, the term Call to Arms is being introduced into the world of medicine?  Are the socialist powers-that-be aware of something that the public has not been told on main stream media, that the One Health sect which seeks to radically reduce the population, will soon be  introducing and engaging in active hostilities against the public including armed enforcement within new health-care systems.  According to  Merriman-Webster the definition of CALL TO ARMS is:

1 : a summons to engage in active hostilities

2 : a summons, invitation, or appeal to undertake a particular course of action “a political call to arms”

The first known use of CALL TO ARMS was back in 1791.  A Call to Arms was unknown in medicine until today.  Our language is changing rapidly.  It is difficult for the average citizen to keep up with the linguistic and semantic shell game.  Higher education began exploring the concept of “More than a name” or “Meaning of Name Change” back in 2006 to entice attendees to the Carcass Management Class sponsored in part by Texas A & M, FAZD.  The goal was to change personal perception of distasteful carcass management into something beautiful.  We now see it being integrated into the soon coming eco-military heath-care.

With this background in mind here is the newest propaganda piece for a Call to Arms in human and veterinary medicine:

“One Health more than a name…it represents efficacious, economical approach to protecting and saving lives!”

 ”The tip of the iceberg of truth and proof in favor of One Health implementation has been documented in the One Health Initiative website and from many other sources during the first decade of the 21st century and much of the previous 20th century.  Some illustrations provide a strong case for a call to arms:

  •  Economics of One Health

We need to expose this One Health cult for the depopulation tool that they are and refuse to allow the introduction A Call to Arms into medicine.  Use your Second Amendment wisely.  Socialist cultists want you to submit your guns while they generously offer you false security through their guns.  I will keep my own weapon(s), thank you very much.  I know that medicine is not the place for armed SWAT-TSA-style enforcers.

Food for Thought

Is it ethically and morally right to introduce a militarized Call to Arms into medicine, to save the lives they claim they are saving, only to take other lives of others?

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