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New to Ewe: The Formal Merging Human and Veterinary Medicine Coming in October

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September 3, 2012 in Health


For those following the One World One Health movement they are finally ready to go global in October with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) from Bangkok. 

What is One World Health all about?


Celeste Bishop


The nonaiswa.org post will have extensive graphics & power-point slides from government-private-higher education for purposes of documenting this crime against humanity

The One-Health Cash Cow

From a Texas A & M:   Mass Animal Carcass Management Powerpoint

The Global Cash Cow is strategically placed in many government and higher education power-points

There is a United Nations code that few people are aware of.  They are the Terrestrial Animal Health Code, Terrestrial Manual of Diagnostics & Vaccinations, and Terrestrial Aquatic Code combined are that is the equivalent of 9 reams of copy paper!

  • This code was established because the US is a UN Member Signatory
  • This code was not brought to you or you public officials for a vote
  • This code when fully implemented will regulate every facet of your life
  • This code defines you as an animal and you will be treated as the global herd

Under the Terrestrial Animal Health Code you are defined as an animal.

An animal means a mammal, bird or bee (1)  (In 2012 you are considered lower than a virus).

Don’t think so?

From the Summer Edition of the One World, One Health Newsletter, Volume 3, Issue 3

Highlights:   “My Future Veterinary Career in Human Health,” features a young woman going to Veterinary School to treat humans!

Pardon me?  Everyone knows veterinarians treat animals!


Do you know right now….?

Health officials have the authority to enter your property to inspect to UN standards (by The Code)

Health officials have the authority to test everything on your property to UN standards (by The Code)

Health officials have the authority to vaccinate all life forms on your property (by The Code)

Health officials have the authority to electronically identify all life forms on your property (by The Code)

How does this make you feel?

To understand One Health you need to understand that our government looks at all documents including those of the Founding Fathers as Living Documents, always changing.  Within these Living Documents the words are always being redefined, sometimes every 6 months, making it difficult for the average person to see and research the origins of various concepts that are being implemented.

What is One Health?

 One Health is the integration of human, animal and wildlife (conservation) through sustainable medicine.

What is sustainable medicine?

In order to ‘Save the Planet’, resources have been determined to be scare.  This is a fraud perpetrated upon humanity.  The modern Dr. Mengele runs a scientific mathematical algorithm which includes your value, production, age, risks, problems, consumption.  This formula will determine if you get medical care or the neighbor’s goldfish who has not used up his carbon credits.  You can look forward to the day when you go to your doctor you will sit next to your dog in the waiting room.  But who will get the ‘scarce resources’?

Think it can’t happen?  It began prior to the year 2000. (2)

Think of the raw power One Health gives politicians

What is the One Health Mission and Vision? (3)

One Health is dedicated to improving the lives of all species—human and animal—through the integration of human medicine and veterinary medicine.

One Health will be achieved through: Fear of bugs…super bugs

…….and integration of human, veterinary, and wildlife services…

  • Merging medical schools and Departments of Public Health
  • Joint communication
  • Joint clinical care, assessment, treatment and prevention of cross-species disease transmission
  • Joint disease surveillance & control
  • Development and evaluation of new diagnostic methods, medicines and vaccines for the prevention and control of diseases cross-species disease transmission
  • Joint efforts to persuade political leaders and the public through manipulated media.

Scope of One Health

Success is achieved by overcoming many barriers


So, just what does the UN mean by ‘Proof of Freedom’?  Notice that “freedom” is associated with good husbandry typically associated with the care of animals by humans.  These “freedoms” will blur the distinction between humans and animals as they are equally, or unequally, applied.

Think about it for a moment…..  Each of is unique and has various traits which make us and we all have pain, injury, disease at various times in our lives.  Hunger, thirst, discomfort, pain, injury, disease, normal behavior, fear and distress are NOT BAD traits.  We were created with these for our protection… and to live.  The One Health drivers intend to eliminate these….does that mean they tend to eliminate by justification, life?  We know for certain they intend to alter life on planet earth through various mechanisms some of which are exposed at www.nonaiswa.org


Philosophically, found it roots in the scientific autocracy of Henri de Saint-Simon (1760-1825) and in the positivism of Auguste Comte (1798- 1857), the father of the social sciences.

‘Positivism’ elevated science and the scientific-method above metaphysical revelation (Biblical).

This world-view holds that social progress was possible only through science and technology.

The social movement of Sustainability, with its energy-based accounting system, can be traced back to the 1930’s when an obscure group of engineers and scientists offered it as a solution to the Great Depression, a Technocracy.

1987 Sustainable Medicine Introduced UN World Commission on Environmental Development


Concept Paper:

Our Common Future

1996 Introduce new SM modality to medicine Physicians began to incrementally implement  
1999 Society for Tropical Veterinary medicine has their 5th conference in Florida Theme: Tropical Diseases: Control and Prevention in the Context of ‘The New World Order’ http://www.conference.ifas.ufl.edu/stvm/
2001   Sustainable Veterinary Medicine for the New Era www.nonaiswa.org/?p=5354
Sept. 29, 2004 -Health experts met from around the world on for a symposium focused on current and potential movements of diseases among humans, domestic animals and wildlife.

-Assembled expert panelist, set priorities and began an international –interdisciplinary approach to combat health of the planet earth.

Was organized by the Wildlife Conservation Society and Rockefeller University.

Using cases of Ebola, Avian Flu, Chronic Wasting Disease as examples

  This group came up a product known as the Manhattan Principles with 12 recommendations. Remember the Manhattan Project codename for a project conducted during World War II to develop the first atomic bomb.

This is the 21st century equivalent

2004 One World, One Health Launch http://www.promedmail.org/pls/apex/f?p=2400:1001:1651414145202088::NO::F2400_P1001_BACK_PAGE,F2400_P1001_PUB_MAIL_ID:1300,28650
Nov. 2004 IUCN (UN)

International Union for Conservation of Nature



-Addressing the linkages between conservation, human and animal health, and security

-The One World, One Health process, relating to the interface between human and wildlife diseases,

Oct 2007 Wildlife Conservation Society announces One Health Project announced in Brazil Funded by Cargill and One World One Health www.oneworldonehealth.org
Oct. 8, 2008 The One Health Initiative & website are launched   www.onehealthinitiative.com
2009 One Health was heralded as the Rosetta Stone for 21st century health    
June 2009 One Health Commission Chartered AMA, AVMA, Microbiology, Medical Colleges, Vet Medical Colleges & Assoc.  
March 23, 2010 One Health for people H.R.3590 – Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act http://www.opencongress.org/bill/111-h3590/show
March 2010 At the Ag Conference (NIAA) that the drives the industry One Health is adopted for agriculture   http://www.nonaiswa.org/?p=4747
April 6, 2010 Call to action to prevent cross- species transmission   www.onehealthinitiative.com
April 13, 2010 The One Health Commission (OHC) is established.

OHC and One Health Initiative linked, joined forces, collaborate, liaison the implementation and institutionalization of One Health as soon as possible

April 18, 2010 US Army Transforms into One Health within 6 m   www.nonaiswa.org/?p=5435

New to Ewe

  • August 30th the American Medical Association (AMA) reaffirms One Health
  • September 13-16:  ‘Healthy Wildlife, Healthy People’ Conference following Agenda 21 (animals first)
  • September 20-21:  Consortium of Universities for Global Health:   Interdisciplinary Formation & Transformation
  • September 23-24:  Homeland Security, the new Plum Island in Kansas joins forces with Texas A & M,
  • One Health-One Medicine-One Environment Conference,
  • September 24:  First Gay & Lesbian One Health Conference, San Diego, CA,
  • Fall 2010 One Health will format and drive this year’s influenza preparation & response,
  • Department of Homeland Security strategically establishes 14 Centers for One Health Excellence

2011:  First International One Health Congress, Victoria BC

The ‘Congress’ discussed and Set the Scene or Stage, so to speak

  • Disease Emergence,
  • Environmental Drivers,
  • Trade, Food Security & Food Safety,
  • Policy and Political Action,
  • Global Survival
  • Economics

One Health will merge Asilomar I & Asilomar II

Back in 1975 scientists and the world’s power brokers met at Asilomar, Monetery, CA for a conference to go down in the annals of history as Asilomar I.  Their plan was how to genetically modify the DNA and RNA of all life on earth.  They set out the basic ground-rules and commenced their evil plan.  In March 2010 a similar group of scientists and power brokers met for Asilomar II with the express purpose to Geo-Engineering the planet ( also known in part as Weather Modification).  The scientist admitted they did not know what they were doing, some spoke at the conference with anonymity, they understood it could have devastating and permanent damage to the earth but they made the decision to begin immediately.  You can see the tie-in with the First International One Health Conference with the strand of DNA rolling across the screen.  As the weather is modified, by design, the impact upon the DNA and RNA of life on this planet will be enormous.

What are the Manhattan Principles? The Twelve Pillars

1. Link people animal, wildlife, food supply environment and economies into one package.
2. Land and water USE impact disease emergence & spread manifestation
3. Wildlife must be considered in cross disease prevention, surveillance, monitoring, and mitigation
4. Human health must fit into the conservation box
5. Take all species into account and adapt a holistic (primitive) and sustainable approach to cross disease prevention, surveillance, monitoring, and mitigation

6. Fully integrate conservation into all human needs (all environment first, then people)
7. Reduce demand and develop novel pathogen host relationships AND apply to agriculture, health, conservation trade and the economy
8. Restrict mass culling of wildlife if they pose a threat to humans or their food (Read that twice)
9. Increase investment in human & animal infrastructure especially surveillance
10. Collaborate between government, local people, private and public sectors towards biodiversity   conservation
11. Provide resources & support for global wildlife
12. Influence policy to integrate health & the ecosystem for a healthier planet

Who are the Players?

AMA, AMVA, World Association of Labs, Diagnosticians, Physiologists, Phytopathological Society, Medical Colleges, Public Health, Microbiology, Epidemiologists, Fish & Wildlife, USAHA, National Park Service.  The people you know and trust.

The Dialectic Process is how they get the players

Just how do the people molding One Health get other people to buy-into One Health by changing their belief system?  Our culture is immersed in the Dialectic Process, it is subtle and it is dangerous.  You enter the “Dialectic Compromise Zone” each and every time, anytime; you take an absolute value and apply the words, “I think,” “I want,” “I could,” or enter a dialogue about your absolute value.

                           You Have Entered the Dialectic Zone-Compromise


Let’s apply this dialectic process to a red apple.  In the past, with your traditional value system, your experience would say, “This is a red apple” (absolute).  What if someone came up and asked you, “How do you feel about this apple?”  You would go off in another direction than your absolute belief system to describe your feelings.  It is a snare.  Quite simply, this Dialectic Process causes a paradigm shift or transformation and lays the foundation for you to embrace the Dialectic where there are no absolutes, everything is relative and controlled. What would happen if the person talking to you about the apple challenged that the apple was red?  Would you say, “I think it is red.”  Or would you say, “The apple is red.”  Period, no discussion.

The way to overcome the dialectic process is to keep your absolute value system unyielding.


US Army Integrates One Health

On April 8, 2010 the US Army announced on their medical website that they would be fully implementing One Health within the next 6 months.  In the article presented on the Army website I found 6 One Health mergers:

The U.S. Army Center for Health Promotion and Preventive Medicine and the U.S. Army Veterinary Command will integrate and will be known as the US Army Health Command.  1

Army One Health will include Soldiers and military retirees, their families, and Army civilian employees, and execution of full-spectrum veterinary services throughout the DoD. 2

Merging:  MEDCOM, MEDCOM’s Regional Medical Commands, USACHPPM, VETCOM, DoD Veterinary Service Activity, the Proponency Office for Preventive Medicine, and the Armed Forces Health Surveillance Center. 3

Merging:  John Resta, USAPHC (Prov.) scientific adviser, and Col. Gary Vroegindewey, assistant chief of the Veterinary Corps, the team currently is developing a detailed plan to stand up the new command, starting with a concept of operations. 4

The merger will be organized under the command of regional medical commands or medical treatment facilities. Current VETCOM branches will merge with existing preventive medicine services to form unified installation-level teams. 5

The New One Health Command locations will be: Germany; Japan; Md.; Texas; Lewis-McChord, Wash.

The USAPHC (Prov.) will assume operational control of the VETCOM, and the MEDCOM’s continental U.S. regional medical commands will assume operational control of installation-level veterinary service assets in their areas of responsibility. 6

UPDATE Fall 2010:  In 2003 Kansas State initiated a collaborative effort merging Agriculture, Arts & Sciences, Human Ecology, and Veterinary Medicine.  Today Mike Cates, DVM, MPH  the former chief of the Army Veterinary Corp who became the first veterinarian to serve as the One Health Center for Health Promotion and Preventative Medicine for the Army.  Dr. Cates now heads a One Health partnership that crosses traditional boundaries Infectious Disease and Zoonoses, Food Safety and Biosecurity, Public Health Nutrition, Public Health Activity.

What is Human Ecology?

According to Wikipedia human ecology is:  “Human ecology is the interdisciplinary, or transdiciplinary study of the relationship between humans and their natural, social, and built environments.  It was introduced to the public by Ernst Haeckel used the word “oekologie” in 1866 to describe the study of an organism’s relationship to its environment. 

Why is One Health dangerous?

The nutshell version is that One Health was introduced about two years ago to the public as part of a ‘Final Solution’ pitch-fork package.

  • This March One Health was promoted at the NIAA agricultural conference as the “Agenda” item for 2010 and was adopted.
  • Veterinarians  are on board with One Health through financial incentive.
  • Physicians to pediatricians are implementing One Health with the new *health-care reform* so humans will be “in”.
  • As you saw above the US Army has adopted One Health and will be merging human and veterinary services within 6 months for all personnel and DoD personnel.
  • One Health is an implementation tool of Agenda 21

What this means is that the struggle over for legal primacy of animals over humans has been achieved.   For the last 100 years there has been a blazing legal battle, animals vs. humans.  The result is the One World, One Health battle…


What Can I do to Oppose One Health?

Choose one or two things that you personally can do to oppose One Health.  Resistance is important so take a few moments out of your busy schedule to participate in opposing One Health.

Activism Made Easy!


Here are some ideas:

  • Educate your physician on the dangers of One Health
  • Educate your veterinarian on the dangers of One Health
  • Educate your local hospital and medical clinics on the dangers of One Health
  • When getting lab work request a Third Party Lab who does not send your personal lab results to the government
  • Consider writing a brief 200 word Letter-to-the-Editor educating your community on One Health
  • Refuse to spend your hard earned dollars with any business or person who is a One Health partner.  You can still vote with your fiat dollar
  • Consider requesting that your state of federal Representative or Senator sponsor a legislation prohibiting One Health. (Big hurdle:  Health-care Reform is One Health)
  • Refuse to participate in any inspections, testing, vaccination, or identification that could have anything remotely to do with One Health.
  • Mention the dangers of One Health on your blog, website, or radio show
  • Copy the archived show (Power Hour or the Truth Farmer interviewing Celeste Bishop on the topic of One World One Health) and share it with your friends and family …….
  • QUESTIONS  notraceability@nonaiswa.org



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    Just a business plan for the globalists. Unbelievable. I agree, we need to fight this.

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