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Needles, Vaccines, and Choices.

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February 6, 2013 in Health


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By: Sam ‘I Be’ Di Gangi.

Recently published in an article by Elizabeth Renter regarding vaccines,[1] it is noted that the government recently awarded $475,000 to the estate of Tambra Harris who died of SLE as a result of a Hepatitis vaccine. There are countless examples of this in the media and deciding to take or not take a vaccine is being discussed as a major decision more and more as of late.

Is there a “correct” answer? That is an almost impossible question to answer, in part because there is not a blanket answer that will cover everyone. For instance, if a person lived in a mid-sized city, worked in an office perhaps, and had not traveled the world; then an anthrax vaccination would make little sense when addressing the RISK that IS in the shot itself.[2] How is would this person be apt to contracting anthrax? However, if we are talking about the same man who works in a mail room at a newspaper, and God forbid America suffered another 911-like event, then history shows that MAYBE that man MAY want to consider if those risks are either weighed or outweighed by taking it. So long as the decision to take vaccines is optional, that should be his right.

That brings us to the ham and potatoes of the whole debate about vaccines. IS IT WORTH THE RISK? [Continue Reading...]


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