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January 6, 2013 in Health



These days it seems that you can’t even enjoy a cheeseburger if the Government doesn’t agree. The latest news reports coming from the UK Government regarding obesity and health in general are nothing short than facism.

On the third of January the BBC ran this report:

Essentially the Government wants to reduce benefits of anyone who is both on the dole and obese. However this rather over-simplified idea doesn’t go into details of the cause of obesity and also doesn’t explain how fat you have to be before you are believed to be obese.

This is somewhat concerning as it is already known that the drinking ‘units’ in the UK are actually plucked out of the ether at random. There was an article in the Sunday Times after Christmas which went into this at great length and was written by one of the members who drafted the advice which was later passed onto Government to be enacted as a rule. Fact of the matter is that if the Government decides how fat fat is, then they could presumerably stop benefits for half of the population if they wanted. This is just another way of cutting benefits with some psudo-intellectual backing.


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