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My Personal Tangy Tangerine Testimonial

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September 10, 2012 in Health


Let me preface by telling you a little bit about who I am. Until a year ago, I had been working as a Licensed Practical Nurse and Licensed Midwife for twelve years. My entire education and career I researched nutrition and its effects on the body. In 2005, I was diagnosed with cancer. At first, young, naive, and scared, I allowed multiple surgeries, two rounds of radiation, and FIVE different types of chemotherapy over the next four years. When my cancer recurred in 2010, I pursued alternative medicine and again surrounded myself with as much information as I could about how what we put in our bodies affects us. I now “eat” 90% of my meals and take my supplements through a feeding tube inserted directly into my stomach.

My testimony:

I had been taking Tangy Tangerine for about eight months when I went on vacation for ten days and forgot to pack my TT. On the plane on my way home, I got sudden and severe fever, chills, vomiting, and pain. The airline had medics meet me at the gate when the plane landed, and I was taken straight to the hospital. I was inpatient for eight days with abdominal cellulitis from strep bacteria. Is it a coincidence that this happened after I went without a high-quality multi-vitamin, multi-mineral supplement for ten days? I think not.

Now I make sure to take Tangy Tangerine every day. I truly believe it is one of the reasons I’m able to continue being active despite the chronic malnutrition that comes with having a feeding tube. I recommend it to every cancer patient and survivor I meet who has had their body destroyed by western medicine.

Almost any multi-vitamin, multi-mineral supplement will make you feel better. But if you’ve tasted others on the market, you know they are this thick green-brown stinky sludge that you’re expected to choke down. Not with Tangy Tangerine. My husband takes his straight or mixed with cranberry juice.

Because TT is taken as a thin liquid, it has better absorption that a tablet, or should I say the multiple tablets you’d have to take to get in the variety of nutrients TT provides.

Youngevity products are very high quality.Other companies might use fillers, artificial sweeteners, or questionable sources.

Similar products will cost you between $40 and $60 a month when purchased at our local health foods store. I’ve seen a lot of posts and comments questioning whether or not Tangy Tangerine is worth the cost. My response is an absolute yes.

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3 responses to My Personal Tangy Tangerine Testimonial

  1. Hello Mia. My name is Abe. I just recently joined the community here because I wanted to find someone who was on a feeding tube & who also had cancer, plus taking Youngevity products. A close friend of mine is recovering from cancer and many other chronic diseases, from malnutrition to neurological disorders. She has a feeding tube and she is losing hope for a return back to better health. She is very new to youngevity and TT and has never tried it. She only knows what the doctor tells her to take and I thought it would be better if she hears from someone like like you,what you would recommend to her for her feeding tube. Your help is greatly appreciated and could not have come at a better time. Also, I hope isn;t asking too much, but Is there anyway she can get in contact with you? Thank you.

  2. I’m really glad you posted this! My prayers with you! I’m glad that you have found something that enables you to feel better! I too take TT. I just started though. Here’s my post incase you want to read it. http://planet.infowars.com/health/youngevity-body-tune-up-with-tangy-tangerine-my-notes

    Best wishes! Keep us updated!

  3. Thanks for posting!

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