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Morgellons desease linked to chemtrails – incredible video study

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January 3, 2013 in Health


I watched this video and I was blown away. I have been studying Morgellons disease recently and I finally came across this researcher, Sofia Smallstorm. She has found a link between chemtrails, Morgellons desease and nanotechnology/eugenics/transhumanism. If you are not familiar with Morgellons desease, please research, it’s an absolutely crazy diseases, Dr Frankenstein type of thing. Did you know that the chemtrails are not only charged with heavy metals, but also with red-blood cells particles (WTF?) But the worst is to come: her study shows that the DNA of those red-blood cell is from a species unknown to man and this is sprayed directly on us??? People across the planet are complaining about some non-human organisms crawling under and coming out of their skin. It’s called Morgellion disease. There is no treatment or medication. Most patients are treated with mental disorder (?). The numbers are increasing dramatically. It’s happening now. The only way to stop the agenda is to spread the word. As modern heros and vehicles of life-saving knowledge, please watch, study, digest, and SHARE!!!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N5ridMz3PN4

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2 responses to Morgellons desease linked to chemtrails – incredible video study

  1. Hey Otterwalks, thanks so much for the useful information. This ‘disease’ is extremely scary in deed. As a trainer and life-coach, I strongly believe in the power of nutrition (the key to a radiant health and a strong immune system). I am a vegetarian and I juice raw veggies/fruits every single day. As a result I have never seen a doctor in my entire adult life and I can’t get sick. It’s such a shame that most people underestimate the power of nutrients found in natural foods in favor of lab-made tablets that are chemically processed. When I tell my clients ‘get a juicer and start juicing your own vitamins’ they normally ask me ‘can’t I get a vitamin pill instead, it’s easier….? well, I can’t help you if you can’t help yourself! People are so lazy and reliant.
    I will make sure I follow your next articles and postings. God bless.

  2. Greetings, Have been working on this for a long time. They now call it “Morgellons Syndrome”, and A.M.A. doctors and alternative healers are all working on this very real experience. It has gotten so frequent that it could not be kept under wraps any longer. I know of a Dr. that also practices alternative medicine, largely life extension type stuff, though she still sees her work as balancing nutritional needs, systemic yeast and mold issues. Of late, she has had people from around the world calling and making the trip to see her for this syndrome with the many ways it presents… Soon, I will get caught up and write an article on the research I have come upon. You can read some at this time here and now… Be well, Otter Walks on Two Feet… 07/01/13 (otterwalks) @ Planet infowars…

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