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Looking for help on a new website Busting Quackbusters

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November 26, 2012 in Health


Many of you may be familar with the Quackbusters.  They are the guys that bust such myths as Fluoride being bad for you, or mercury in your fillings being danerous.  I recently had a little debate with someone about fluorides safety in drinking water, and there perpetual source of info was these idiots from Quackbusters.  I came up with an idea to set up a website that basically debunks the debunkers.  A little ammo for people that come across someone who thinks they are in the know, because these so called Quackbusters said so.  Anyway I have no experince with web design. or writing in any sort of professional manner for that matter.  I thought if we did a group type effort, we could get a website together that somewhat mirrors theirs, except with accurate information.  A little background research I did on these guys, show that they very probably are financed by companys like Dupont, Monsanto, and big Pharma companys.  Anyway let me know what you people think, anyone interested in helping out send me a message.  If you know people that may be able to help, let them know to.

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2 responses to Looking for help on a new website Busting Quackbusters

  1. So.. basicly you don’t know how to do anything and you want others to do the whole thing for you, so you can feel like you have done something very good by telling people that water in soviet and nazi concentration camps was fluoridated because soviets realy cared about prisoners teath.. And they took out the golden teath from the dead probably to make more teath for ones who where still alive, huh? :)

    Seriously – if you want to do something – learn how to do it! Don’t expect others doing things for you while you’ll pretend to be a boss who doesn’t know a single thing about how his enterprise works :)

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