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It’s Official! UN Merges Human and Veterinary Medicine

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November 14, 2012 in Health


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Celeste Bishop

An announcement was made earlier this year that human and veterinary disciplines would merge after signing a contractual Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in Bangkok on October 13, 2012.  This meeting was kept very secret until the event actually occurred and only released to the public less than a week ago.

This MOU goes much further than just merging veterinary and human medicine. It will apply international standards to public education, medical science, medical art, medical ethics, and health care for all life on the planet under the guise of promoting health and well-being.  The World Health Organization (WHO) will be the hammer that will strike living creatures through a net of health systems.  They will strike in 3 year year increments with zoonotic disease, increased “food safety” (control), increased health status (healthy animals=healthy people),phasing in veterinarians into areas of zoonotic disease, food safety and other areas such as microbial controls.

Other MOU’s were signed with the OIE and FAO self-appointed United Nations animal health standard organizations.

Objective 1 is that the parties agree to collaborate in the One-Heath concept which is a unified veterinary and human medicine, (veterinarians and physicians) in order to improve the Global Health.

Objective 2: that the parties agree:

  • Support joint educational efforts between human and veterinary medical schools
  • Support cross species disease surveillance and control efforts
  • Collaborate the responsible use of anti-microbials (antibiotics and anti-fungals)
  • Enhance collaboration between human and veterinary medical professions in medical care, clinical care, public health, and biomedical research.

You are witnessing a day when the historical natural border of human primacy has been magically erased and animals of the human realm and traditional animal kingdom elevated to dominate man.  Bestial human animals without a soul will soon control your life.  Will you let them?  That is the question.

Yes!  I want to see the document!





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  1. The above link interpreted the Close before the .pdf as the end of the link. Just add ).jpg to the end of the address line after you click on the link. Sorry about that folks.

  2. Oh oh. We are entering a slippery slope here. I can see that we need to stand up on our two hind feet and fight this or be no better than walking on all fours.

    Watch out for the document link, it goes nowhere. I found it here (http://onehealthinitiative.com/publications/WVA-WMA%20MOU%20(2).pdf). 666kB, really?

    I don’t know if you wanted to have the previous post added here as well. (http://planet.infowars.com/health/new-to-ewe-the-formal-merging-human-and-veterinary-medicine-coming-in-october),

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