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How to get rid of your dentist – choice

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July 26, 2012 in Health


“Enjoy” Healthy Teeth For Life…
With No Pain, No Expensive Dental Work, No Fear

The People’s Dental Association PDA NETWORK NEWS Issue 7

Life’s most valuable asset is health… and yet in today’s world it is frequently valued only after it is lost. Very few people today have escaped the problems of dental cavities and gum infection. The few who are totally free of gum disease, no cavities, no fillings, and no gum problems at all enjoy common ingredients in their health picture.

Good nutrition is a key factor among the group who enjoy freedom from any dental problems. Teeth, like bones, are made up of primarily calcium and phosphorus. Individuals who, at any time in their lives have been shortchanged of these two valuable elements in their diet, will most likely suffer adverse dental effects… soft teeth, weak bone support for the roots, etc. The saliva that is produced for us by glands in and around the moth contains calcium and phosphorus in solution, along with various enzymes….


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