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Babies Put on Deathrow in UK Healthcare

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November 29, 2012 in Health


America just voted in our Dictator-n-Chief once again, the man responsible for bringing affordable healthcare to the USA. The US had been criticized repeatedly by more “advanced” countries in the EU for having an outdated healthcare system. Yet, with with almost insignificant effort, one can find the outlandish practices in healthcare in these very same accusers. Anyone remember a few years back when women giving birth in the hallways of hospitals was the latest trend in the UK?

Now light has been shed on an even more despicable and disgusting practice of UK healthcare. Slow euthanasia of babies. Yes, you read that correctly. Much like the barbaric culture of ancient Sparta, who murdered their children for genetic defects or sickness, the UK is participating in starving and dehydrating infants until they die, a process that can take up to 10 days. According to the UK newspaper, the Daily Mail, “One doctor has admitted starving and dehydrating ten babies to death in the neonatal unit of one hospital alone.” It goes on to say it can “take an average of ten days during which a baby becomes smaller and shrunken”. This is the new abortion.

There is an investigation, “which will include child patients, will look at whether cash payments to hospitals to hit death pathway targets have influenced doctors’ decisions.” This is what is to come in America. “How could this ever happen?” one might ask. This happens when you create an unsustainable healthcare plan that is mandatory to take part in and places bureaucrats in charge. Every citizen becomes a statistic. It becomes a game of saving money, because the state would have to pay for that dying babies health costs, and because the baby is exhaling carbon, heck, you might just save the planet by ending his/her life.

Tyranny is alive and well on this earth. It is already here in America. Will we allow it to consume us? Will we allow it to consume our children?

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2240075/Now-sick-babies-death-pathway-Doctors-haunting-testimony-reveals-children-end-life-plan.html#ixzz2De6LThrS

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