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GMO more diabolical than death

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January 24, 2013 in Health


The intentions of genetically modified organisms are hijacking a persons immunity purposefully causing alterations to their chemistry. How diabolical their intended effect is unknown. Certainly they dilute potential and health effects are obvious. As nano tech approaches possibly their intentions are more clear.

Power over every “lesser being”, as they view it, is what they ultimately seek. These evil creatures who’ve separated their mentally from humanity want choices over your being. Such people have beast like morals as if we are in a kingdom of animals. It is the gifts that God gave by His grace we gained a higher status than animals. Yet they want a means to justify their actions.

We reject the notions of the beast. To be humane to every human is what satisfies the soul. [NWO] This conquest for god-like power is a road to ruin, the effects are clear in your heart. Forsaking the very foundation of life is cruelty unto oneself.

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