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Chemtrails-Geo-Engineering – Aerosol Research:

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February 6, 2013 in Health




This has so much information, which normally I would integrate into a article. It is here with their searchable links to many topics that are driving “The Awakening”…  If you did not find this link in the recent “Chemtrail News From The Matrix”, ( Part 1 )

is the link…”Clifford Carnicom”…  Here is a small note from that site…   o…


 The Carnicom Institute and its founder have an extensive history of research on geo-engineering topics and aerosol research that is available to the public.  This history spans more than a decade and includes scores of papers and hundreds of pages on the topic.  This work is available through the research section of this website, located here.  If you have an interest in this topic, please consider visiting this portion of the site and investigate the numerous papers that have been written on the topics beginning in 1999.  The papers are arranged chronologically on the research page with the more current papers at the top of the page.  



“Morgellons Syndrome” presenting as skin lesions…( More on the changing acceptance of this and its origins, technocratic money powers backers, and the natural prophylactic and treatment needs. I am not a Doctor and do not dispense “Medical” advice… I am an old healer, available to all through “That Which IS”…) 


You may also wish to use the search box at the top of the research paper listing, and specify appropriate keywords or topics to bring up the relevant pages.  Such keywords might include such terms as aerosols, meteorology, electromagnetics, humidity, pH, clouds, rainfall, energy, ELF, aircraft, and similar terms.  


The Carnicom Institute remains strongly focused on the geo-engineering issues and their correlation with the biological research and bioengineering topics that are under intensive study throughout the past several years.  The reader is encouraged to investigate the connections between these two broad areas of research that are extensively examined on this site. 


For Your Consideration…  Otter Walks on Two Feet…   06/02/13

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