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Telling Monsanto NO GMO – Garden Spring 2013 Movement

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December 6, 2012 in Health


December 6, 2012

Dave Alan – reporting for infowars.com

Collective activists are planting seeds in more ways than one to combat poison GMO foods.

Whether you believe the world will end December 21, 2012 or agree with forecasts predicting imminent vast implosion of world economies by April of 2013, we can see direct signs today that one aspect of basic human survival will carry on… and grow.

The “Garden Spring 2013” movement was launched last week and is gaining attention of “liberty” and “like minded people” across the globe. Attention is gaining perhaps less because of being something popular in trend but more so because of an increasing globally recognized importance as humanity continues to wake up to present dangers.

A news story that broke last year and went “viral” about Julie Bass, a Michigan mother threatened with 93 Days in jail for planting a front yard vegetable garden inspired the movement through a follower of Julie’s blog: http://oakparkhatesveggies.wordpress.com.
Julie Bass front yard garden

One reader who uses the handle “Dynamic Dave” had an idea and shared it in a comment at Julie’s blog. Julie, in response, took the comment and later made it the main subject of her blog asking readers: “how cool is this?” and posted the comment which read:

“Julie Bass paved the way in history for a global movement we are starting here at planet.infowars: The Julie Bass Garden Spring 2013 movement is officially underway. In addition to calling for planting “garden spring victory gardens” every where in spring 2013, we shall help here, efforts to draft and propose federal legislation permitting private cultivation of non GMO foods as a national right in the USA.”

Dave was inspired to start the group at http://planet.infowars.com by Julie’s blog and all the comments over the last year and a half and he merely copied the heading he used to describe the “Julie Bass Garden Spring 2013” group on the new social network site.

The idea then stated to reshape and grow like nurtured seedlings taking root.

Julie and Dave discussed the “legislation aspect” of the idea and decided to revise the objectives of the movement to focus more on what people can actually and easily get behind, support and do. The first defined mission beyond just growing a garden emerged as did a greater importance than the “ho hum” of drafting legislation or any political ties.

The focus went from the garden to the seed and securing not only the right to grow food in front yard gardens by just plain doing it but also in so doing, to preserve a world wide “natural” seed bank of NON-GMO seeds maintained by “the people” and not for example, controlled by the Monsanto’s or corrupt corporate powers of the world.

The first short term mission of the movement defined by the group on the social network site then took shape, made good sense in promoting and is just pure and simple, it reads:

“Seeds to Plant” Commit to giving organic seeds for Christmas (or holidays) 2012

Due Date: December 20, 2012 at 7:00 am


This mission is for all those who join this group and the “Garden Spring 2013″ movement to commit to giving organic seeds to at least one person this Christmas (or holiday season) as a gift and to encourage that person to join the group and plant a “Julie Bass Garden Spring 2013″ victory garden with those seeds, and, for those who give the gift of “seeds to plant” to complete this mission by making a short video of the seeds, how you wrap them and the reaction of the recipients to post on youtube and here in the group forum.

For investigating further missions and to become an active participant of the movement people can visit the group at: http://planet.infowars.com/groups/julie-bass-garden-spring-2013/home/ and sign up at the new social network site now often referred to as “the facebook of freedom” by those recognizing the importance of the secure and privacy protected network.

How significant is all this social and organic “seed planting” activity?

Consider a world population using such gardening techniques as the group is sharing on the site with active links to documentary films like “Back to Eden” and what effect preserving a truly Organic World Wide Seed Bank will do when the time comes to restore a natural food source as the fatal effects of Genetic Modified foods continue to be scientifically proven but ignored by the corporate controlled media. See: (GMO Crops Continually Banned Around the World in Display of Health Freedom) Read more at: http://naturalsociety.com/gmo-crops-continually-banned-around-world-health-freedom/

“The processing of our collective thoughts between Julie and myself to drop concentration on “legislative measures” was a healthy and natural progression as we focused on the movement and momentum” says Dynamic Dave who continues: “I think the time has come to accept that laws and regulations actually hinder human progress and stifle urgent action. Governments and corporations no longer serve genuine interest in the true welfare of people and repeatedly deliver too little too late if anything useful at all. It is time to take matters into our own hands, just like Julie Bass did in defeating the Psychopathic Authoritarians in Oak Park, Michigan, I want to see Ron Paul join us now that he is out.”

Indeed the time for a “Garden Spring 2013” to get underway is right now in the face of a global fear campaign suggesting the ultimate “gloom and doom” extreme calling for “the end of the world” to be just a couple of weeks away in “public panic” circles.

Those of us conversely calling for the “end of the world, as we know it” rather than the “end of everything we know” realize that the “Garden Spring 2013” movement provides one of the best outlets and solutions to overcome real “terror threats” like GMO foods.

Such threats as are perhaps actively underway against the world food supply and therefore the people by those placing “profits before people” who are out to alter and control that food supply by promoting GMO food saturation without even labeling it as such, however, through an immediate “Garden Spring 2013″ revolution and movement like this they are about to see that the seeds of change have been planted, are taking root and shall flourish at planet.infowars.com and across the world.

To experience a taste of victory like this may never have been quite so sweet or nourishing since the planting of victory gardens after World Wars of the past. We notice that Obama has a personal garden at the White House and doubt strongly that he eats much GMO food.

Perhaps the Garden Spring 2013 Movement has the potential to focus attention of a genuine victorious world wide need without the need for another world war or worse, a global food fight for edible food based on political ignorance, greed and delays.

Political and corporate greed that creates world famine as a result of a poisoned food supply is a battle we can’t afford to wage too late to win. We must win this fight now without waiting for legislation to tell us where, when and how because these seeds of victory have already been planted and we are just one harvest away from winning the coming war of world famine by design if we just get started… not tomorrow, but today.

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