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full Body Scanners In Australia

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January 13, 2013 in Health


about two weeks ago the Perth airport here in western Australia was fitted with the new full body scanners,as we all know these scanners are proven to be hazardous by many experts which some have even spoken on alexes shows as guests.the outrages difference between other countries and here is that we have not been given the right to opt out…..WHAT!!! yes that’s right we have to go through it or miss our flights and get arrested and be ready for federal prosecution.talk about an infringement on my civil health rights.there are things we can do and i think because its such a new issue that the word needs to be spread around….we can start by writing a letter to our transport minister (Anthony Albanese) and demand that they change this ridiculous practice and at least have an opt out for a pat down like all the other “tyrannical” countries.I will post the address for the minister of travel and i really urge people to write in with their concerns.You see people this has nothing to do with safety but everything to do with radiating us and making us sick in the long run. I am not the only one concerned, even the pilot union is talking about a strike because they feel that this is going to effect their health well being exposed to them far more often than your average traveler. Just a little kicker on the side,now in our wesfield shopping center they have recently put one of these machines in and even though they are not compulsory they are familiarizing us with them at these malls and their promoting them as a machine that can tell you your height size and weight for your clothing info,so called making it easier for you to bye the right sized cloths.these people are disgusting.

Email: A.Alba.MP@aph.gov.au
Mail : PO BOX 6022 canberra ACT 2600

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