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Fluoride Wars in Florida

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November 14, 2012 in Health


In a horrible show of state run mind control, the Big Government unleashed constant salvo after salvo to get the brain damaging mind controlling fluoride into the water. But facts are facts:

1) The amount of fluoride in water does NOT excrete topically by a person at a level to protect teeth
2) Long term studies of cities that fluoridate vs. those that don’t show NO DIFFERENCE in cavity rates
3) The dangers associated with fluoride exposure are clear and well documented – Bone Cancer, Thyroid Damage, Tooth WEAKENING
4) Fluoride is a poison by it’s official classification
5) The Fluoride they USE is not a scientifically prepared exact chemical, instead it is chemical waste from China containing hundreds of harmful chemicals.

There are many government funded and dentist funded groups aimed at keeping fluoride in the water. It’s a money maker for dentists because it increases bone weakness and therefore cavities. In this piece of trash science put out by dentists, when you actually look a the long list of studies cited as evidence FOR Fluoridation, only two are from real scientific journals and digging deeper actually READING the study they cite in FAVOR of fluoride, the truth is the opposite – “In the past, caries has usually increased after cessation of water fluoridation. More recently an opposite trend could be observed: DMFT remaining stable or even decreasing further” – Caries Res 2000;34:20-25, Caries Prevalence after Cessation of Water Fluoridation in La Salud, Cuba, W. Künzel, T. Fischer. This is actually cited as evidence FOR Fluoridation by the quack dentist group Institute for Science in Medicine – http://www.scienceinmedicine.org/policy/papers/AntiFluoridationist.pdf.

In the largest study ever done and often quoted as PRO fluoridating drinking water, if you actually read the scientific paper you find this odd fact “No noteworthy differences were observed between groups in relation to restorative care received (%F/DMFS) or required (%D/ DMFS), as shown in Table 7. However, with respect to the types of tooth surfaces affected, children with exposure to fluoridation had proportionally less caries on mesial and distal surfaces (Table 8). Although it might be expected that a similar difference would be evident on buccal and lingual surfaces, this was not the case.”

Journal of Dental Research, Volume 69 (Special Issue); Page 723-727. February 1990, Recent Trends in Dental Caries in U.S. Children and the Effect of Water Fluoridation, J.A. Brunelle and J.P. Carlos, Epidemiology Branch, National Institute of Dental Research, National Institutes of Health, Westwood Building, Room 538, Bethesda, Maryland 20892

This is a government run study not done by scientists. It is out of Bethesda Maryland for gods sake. And it isn’t to be trusted.

What this means is that the areas of the tooth that would contact the saliva and be most protected from water fluoridation, in fact were not more protected. The article also includes another important tidbit – “The sharp decline in dental caries among US schoolchildren, which was first documented in 1980, evidently continued at approximately the same rate during the subsequent 6-7 years.” So for dentists, basic cavity service is slowing down. As brushing habits have improved, They NEED the fluoride to weaken teeth to maintain their profits.

Furthermore the article writes – “No convincing evidence has been offered to refute the conclusion that the dramatic decrease in dental caries observed in the US children during recent decades is primarily the result of this exposure to fluoride.” While there may be no hard evidence, it is certainly quite possible that all of this is due to better brushing. In 1982 they actually had an international conference to discuss what to do with regards to declining cavity rates – the solution? FLUORIDE! (1982): First International Conference on the Declining Prevalence of Dental Caries)

The same scientist who broke the whistle that caries had DECREASED in Cuba after Cuba CEASED water fluoridation (W. Kunzel) also has an very interesting paper titled “Effect of an interruption in water fluoridation on the caries prevalence of the primary and secondary dentition.” Every scientific PubMed abstract listing source has BLOCKED the viewing of the abstract. This is highly unusual. What finding are they afraid to show? This is a key study because it shows what happens when you STOP adding fluoride. If the dentists and government are correct, cavities should go up.

Kunzel also writes another article showing that after Germany ceased fluoridation caries(cavities) declined – “[Caries decline in Germany--causes and consequences]. Künzel W. Gesundheitswesen. 1997 Dec;59(12):710-5. German. ”

After much work, I finally found the article that was blocked in all American sources. And it states – “A different caries trend was observed in the years from 1987 to 1995. There was a significant caries decrease down to the lowest DMFT (2.0) since 1959 in spite of the fact that only F-poor water was available over years in both towns. This improvement of oral health is explained by changes in caries-preventive and environmental conditions”

In another key study, dental fluorosis (weakening of teeth) was observed versus fluoridation levels in water and cavity rates. Their conclusion? “A suitable trade-off between caries and fluorosis appears to occur around 0.7 ppm F. Data from this study suggest that a reconsideration of the policies concerning the most appropriate concentrations for water fluoridation might be appropriate for the United States ” – DENTAL CARIES AND DENTAL FLUOROSIS AT VARYING WATER FLUORIDE CONCENTRATIONS, K E Heller, S A Eklund and B A Burt Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA Abstract from Journal of Public Health Dentistry 57 (3) 136-143 1997

0.7 ppm actually occurs NATURALLY in most water supplies. Game over dentists, your scam will no longer stand the light of truth.

Game over water poisoners, you’re goose is cooked. You can’t stand up to real science and real data.

The media pressure on politicians who wish to remove this poison from our drinking water is government brain washing out in full force and it’s ugly to see.

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