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Flu shot & Amerigroup

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November 13, 2012 in Health


I am 55 male, spinal injury, I’m in a wheelchair 3 years. Houston Texas. After my insurance ran out I was put on Medicaid.  I was getting better, finally started to gain some weight.  I’m getting around on crutches and things were looking up.  Then all of sudden I was having trouble  with my breathing. I would get dizzy when I stood.  I quit some of my prescriptions, back off on others.  I tried quitting the sacred nectar, Coffee.   I dropped 12 pounds in a month.  It took two years for me to gain that weight.  I don’t drink or smoke.  The doctor said I was developing Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Problems, and or Asama.  So he gives me these inhalers. They really help, especially at night.  I used to spend most of my time in the back yard.  I had a tent under an Oak tree and I would read.  One day I look up and here comes this jets dumping crap everywhere.  I am a seasoned infowarrior so I knew right off what it was.  Chemtrails.  It just started here last August.   It didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that where my breathing problem was coming from. On days they spray I stay inside,  Unfortunately I might get 5 days a month outside if I’m lucky.  I got this place sealed up tight and I can still tell you when they are spraying.  Now the EPA takes the inhalers off the shelf and you have to have a script to get them.  Last month Amerigroup quits paying for them and I can’t afford them anymore.  I think 2 of them was close to $80.  So yesterday the nurse calls me and said that Amerigroup called them and said that I had to have a flu shot.  The doctor knows that I won’t take one.  As fellow infowarriors you should know why. (Natural News, Mike Adams health ranger,  just type in flu vaccine in the search box.)   I told the nurse flat out I won’t take one.  She says thats OK but I would have to sign some papers.  Alex warned us about this.  The papers are written in double speak, and what they say is you realize that not taking the flu shot is dangerous to yourself and others around you.  So if you sign them you’re screwed. I explained all of this to the nurse and she wasn’t having none of it.  Finally she said that I couldn’t see the doctor anymore unless I signed the papers or took the shot.  Then she informed me that not signing the papers was serious offense.  I laughed so hard she hung up on me.  “You must sizn zee papers.”  Chech & Chong, Big Bamboo. I don’t know where this is going to go from here.

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  1. Good Luck Bros , so sad that it has come to the time they think we have no say over our own bodies….

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