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EU HealthClaims Legislation Now Restricting Free Speech on Vitamins and Food Supplements

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December 25, 2012 in Health


Netherlands, Noord-Brabant, Vught
25th of December, 2012

On the 14th of December, 2012 there has been implemented a law in the Netherlands that restricts free speech regarding vitamins, supplements and “health claims”.

Here is the (Dutch) website:

Now you can no longer claim (for example) “Vitamin D supports your bone structure” or “Vitamin D cures this and that” or you will be fined for 30.000 (Euro) or more in the highest category of fines.

The legislation even states (translated from Dutch).
You, the wrting citizen, are advised, when publishing a book, website, (news)article, or even a Facebook -and/or Twitter post to make sure to not name a brand of food and food supplements when ou write about health and this brand at the same time.

Here is the Dutch PDF in which the legislation is depicted:

This does not only apply to (small) busineses but also the regular citizen and thelegislation was written bij the Dutch “FDA” if you can call it that.

In Dutch it’s the VWA (Voedsel -en Waren Autoriteit which translates “Food -and Product Authority” (or something like it).

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