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Enhanced Rice? Gates new $1 Million Grant

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January 23, 2013 in Health


Enhanced Rice?  Gates new $1 Million Grant


Celeste Bishop

“History is indelibly written that revolution, anarchy, and tyranny are fellow travelers of hunger and malnutrition,”  USDA scientist.

Enhanced Rice-Shame on You!

Fair Use Access CRS

Nutrition, starvation tool, or toxin?  A research grant entitled,” Studying How Rice Bran Augments Mucosal Immunity.”  has been awarded a $1 million dollar funding grant by the Bill and Melinda Gates Grand Challenges program to Elizabeth Ryan, assistant professor in Environmental and Radiological Sciences at the College of Veterinary Medicine.   Her team uses rice bran to “fight” gut pathogens.  But her background reveals that she not only is a professor in nutrition but also in toxicology.  There is a thin veil between the fields of nutrition and toxicology.  In areas where gut pathogens flourish Ryan says, “It’s very hard to vaccinate against all these bugs at the exposure levels that exist.”  Enhanced rice will eventually be given to humans and animals alike.

Rice bran is rice skin, similar to the potato peel, of rice that has been discarded in white rice processing.  It is difficult to extract so it is broken down into a phytochemical called Rice Bran Extract (RBE). This value-added product has “untapped health properties that could help” make millions for trans-national companies.  “Investments in innovative global health research are already paying off,” said Chris Wilson, director of Global Health Discovery and Translational Sciences at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

The grant Ryan and team has obtained is under the auspices of Adapting Livestock for Climate Change (CRSP).  Her philosophy is put in her simple words, “expand upon the word nutrition and go to food systems.”  Food systems for the most part do not make you healthy, nutrition does however.

She will be experimenting on “pastoralists” in Nepal and Africa who depend upon rice as a food staple, converting them into transhumanist pastoralism populations which translates into giving up creature comforts and God-given rights to become a wandering destitute Gypsy or Bedouin, with no hope, nor home.

The award was made through Colorado State University, your college of excellence in Nazi-style bio-warfare.  A white paper was published in the scientific, peer-reviewed journal of BMC Microbiology singing the praises of a reduced specific-strain of Salmonella by rice bran supplementation.  It does not take a scientist to see the potential for manipulated and misleading statistics and data in Table 1:

Fair Use Access journal BMC Microbiolog

Notice that the control group was fed a diet of 465.7 k/kg corn starch and 40 k/kg corn oil both of which have a high-probability of genetic modification (GMO) which is known to adversely impact gut flora by creating perpetual pesticide.  All other constituents are the equal with the exception of cellulose which also could possibly be genetically modified.  Cellulose was used extensively during the Nazi reign as the following narrative recalls, “Rations scarcely resembled food at all. The prisoners’ bread was specially formulated for Russians by the German Ministry of Food on November 24, 1941. The ministry advised its bakers that ‘a useful mixture consists of 50 percent rye bran, 20 percent residue of sugar beet, 20 percent cellulose flour and 10 percent flour made of straw or leaves.”  I personally attended a Holocaust survivor’s presentation who clearly stated her daily ration was one slice of bread at 50% wheat-50% sawdust (cellulose) and a cup of hot soup or coffee per day. The citation  paper reported that body weight of the mice was not adversely impacted by the above diet, yet it declined to provide supporting data. A USSR study found that, “The food and animal crop resources of the USSR would have to be damaged within a single growing season to the extent necessary to reduce the present average daily caloric intake from 2800 calories to 1400 calories, i.e., the starvation level.  Reduction of the food resources to this level, if maintained for 12 months, would produce 20% fatalities, would decrease manual labor performance by 95%, and clerical and light labor by 80%. Lab 257

The paper also states that the rice bran extract was inactivated by heat.  The study details that the supplementation “inactivated” by heat included: 10% Fetal Bovine Serum (blood), two antibiotics, an anti-fungal, Thioglycerol Hydrocortisone, Interferon-gamma (immune and inflammation response) , and Insulin.  Is it the rice bran or the additives that really kills pathogens?  The result has a high probability of skewed statistics, data, and results.

The conclusion of the white paper found that animal and human studies will be necessary within the “rice industry, public health and veterinary nutritionists to determine whether the dietary supplementation of rice bran offers greater mucosal protection against enteric infections in people and animals.”

Given Bill and Melinda Gates Grand Challenges and Colorado State University radical globalist track record for depopulation, one can hardly view as benevolent, the introduction of rice bran as a cure for pathogenic eradication.  We must all examine with discernment  WWII documentation and become familiar with GMO scientifically-proven dangers to ferret out if this enhanced rice is a depopulation tool or experimentation on vast swaths of unsuspecting populations. Ryan and team may claim the populace are recipients of an enhanced immune response by food intake, but in reality be dying of starvation.

The mice in the experiment that were deliberately exposed to pathogens were “sacrificed” on the 7th day.  There are many words and terms for “end-of-life” but the authors carefully chose: “sacrifice” and the on 7th day.  No one will ever know what the outcome would have been had the mice been granted a longer time to live.  This is a very short time period for an animal study.  This should give you a prophetic clue as to the sinister nature of the grant that Dr. Ryan has received and policy-makers will act upon.

Yes! I want to see the document!


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  1. What these nihilistic, sociopathic, banksters would consider a good day is when they kill every person including the planet so when they are the last person standing they finally kill them self. That is the ultimate nihilistic dream.

    All of this Bio-genetic engineering will kill this planet. Mutated Frankensteins are being found everywhere and we get to consume them as well The DNA of the planet is being purposely plundered while claiming to save the planet. They claim to want to help you while they kill you incrementally. The constant spraying is killing trees and bees all over the west coast and world wide. The spraying kills the soil making it unusable in a few more decades while the water tables are contaminated incrementally as well. The food of the wild is having it’s effects and toll on the meat we might hunt to survive. If you haven’t noticed your being attacked then you may already be dead. This is WW3 thats why they say the next war will be WW4.

    They are behind every war including this 3rd WW while the figure heads they put in place are blamed for the publics knowledge sake while the real criminals remain anonymous to control you for another day.They are living, breathing, walking, contradictions creating imposter’s of everything we think we hold dear in order to control our lives from maybe cradle to early grave.

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