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Dr. Oz talks GMO

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November 15, 2012 in Health


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3 responses to Dr. Oz talks GMO

  1. Thanks to the study linking GMOs to mass tumors in rats, GMOs have finally become a mainstream issue. The only problem is that Dr. Oz and others treat it more like a tabloid subject sometimes than a serious threat to our genetic coding.

  2. We Are Change Chicago – Arrested for asking Dr. Oz about vaccines

    • Ha-ha. I definitely can’t vouch for Dr. Oz’s credibility or personal integrity, as I know very little about him and don’t care to know that much more about him. As for WEARECHANGE goes, from what I have seen, I think they provoke most of the situations and confrontations that they get with the people they interview. They tend to just be obnoxious in their approach and nobody likes that. I watched the video you posted. The guy was clearly not wanting to have a dialogue but instead an accusatory monologue. People like that already have their mind made up, hence they talk at people, not to or with them. I think people look silly walking with a huge entourage like Dr. Oz was, but that’s not a crime.

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