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Disgusting “snitch on your doctor of alternate medicine” propaganda

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December 14, 2012 in Health


The website http://www.healthwatcher.net has got to be one of the worst health information sites out there.

I came to this conclusion after reading the following passage on their web shite:

We are interested in the following procedures, or treatments. If your naturopath, or even a medical doctor uses these methods within a naturopathic clinic, let us know.
•    EDT or EDS – (Vegatest, Interro, B.E.S.T. type of electrodermal screening)
•    CRT – Thermography for breast cancer
•    Saliva testing for hormones
•    Hair analysis
•    Iridology
•    Applied kinesiolgy
•    Cell Specific Cancer Therapy (CSCT)
•    Syncrometer – Zapper (Hulda Clark inventions)
•    Insulin Potentiation Therapy – IPT
•    Chelation therapy
•    Mercury amalgam removal
•    Whole Body Hyperthermia
•    Colon irrigation
•    Essiac
•    Mistletoe – Iscador
•    Laetrile – Amygdalin – Vitamin B-17
•    Hydrazine sulphate
•    714-X
•    Metabolic therapy
•    Blood type diet
•    Coral Calcium
•    Ginseng
•    Immunocal

Dunno ’bout you guys, but these “QUESTIONABLE THERAPIES AND TREATMENTS” from my research,  are pretty damn effective.

And for “HealthWatcher.net” to wish for us to snitch on those service providers that aren’t beholden to big pharma, well that just shows us the stazi mentality they employ.

Have a Grated Christmas, Nyantaro.

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3 responses to Disgusting “snitch on your doctor of alternate medicine” propaganda

  1. Realy ı love your “snitch on your doctor of alternate medicine” article. http://www.vpillssatis.gen.tr/siparis.html

  2. That website, along with the FDA, can kiss my ass. If something works, it’s MY RIGHT to have access to it! If it doesn’t, and I happen to die, well, that’s my problem. When the HELL are we going to stand up and DEMAND that the Government leave us alone? I say everyone blast that HealthWatcher website with tons of emails stating that they should keep their nose out of OUR business. If we want alternative types of healthcare, it’s OUR business, not theirs!!!

    I will!

  3. The ADA is doing the same thing:

    Exclusive Leaked Documents: American Dietetic Association is Intentionally Using State Legislatures to Block Alternative Nutrition Providers and Restrict Free Speech

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