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Tennessee DCS miscounts child deaths again!

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January 24, 2013 in Health


DCS Commissioner Kate O’Day, pictured, will continue running day-to-day operations while Larry Martin, a senior advisor in the governor’s office, will “take a deeper and closer look . . . to see what’s working and what’s not,” said Alexia Poe, spokeswoman for the governor. / Steven S. Harman / File / The Tennessean

Written by
Tony Gonzalez
The Tennessean

More Tennessee children died in state custody during the past two years than what state officials have been saying for months, according to information revealed Thursday, prompting Gov. Bill Haslam to appoint a senior adviser to analyze problems with the Department of Children’s Services.

The appointment was the latest move during a flurry of activity on Thursday, when DCS:

• Admitted it failed to account for nine deaths of children in custody in 2011 and 2012;

• Agreed to provide more fatality records to a watchdog group; and

• Announced it will reform its internal child fatality review process.

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