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Cure Chronic Lyme

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June 7, 2012 in Health


Cure Chronic Lyme

by Arrow Durfee

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There are a number of alternative therapies that are proving effective for some people with Lyme. There may be others that I am not familiar with. These therapies are not stand alone treatments. They must be used in conjunction with each other or with antibiotic therapies. I will write the basic protocols for each but some doctors may have found more effective applications that should not be ignored. I will offer minimal dosages that some doctors may possibly increase in different cases.

I have a friend who has had chronic Lyme for over 20 years and he sees a Naturopathic Medical Doctor who is Lyme literate. He has been treated extensively with IV therapy yet the disease persisted even though his last IV treatments did him well for just over 2 years. In general he does well for long periods of time.

I am posting this to let you know about the treatment that he has used recently. His doctor, who spends much time attending seminars and treating Lyme patients has started to use a new protocol to dissolve the Lyme cyst that is the cause of chronic Lyme. Destroying the cyst has always been the main issue with treating chronic Lyme, as it is believed that the cysts are buried deep in tendons and other dense tissues as well as circulating in the blood stream. It literally hides from treatments. As far as they know no antibiotic has been able to penetrate the cyst, so long antibiotic therapies have been required to keep killing the spirochete until all the cysts deteriorate on their own. This has proven to be years for some and for others no cure has been possible.

A new protocol to dissolve the cysts follow and must be done in a very specific way and can be used in conjunction with other Lyme treatments, including conventional antibiotics. This Lyme treatment protocol is based on the following work:

www.townsendletter.com/jan2005/lyme0105.htm  (link unavaialbe now) (Regarless of how important I think this Townsend Letter article is they keep deactivatig the links. I do believe that if you search for it yourself you will come upon it.)

Meanwhile this PDF will present to you the core upon which the article is based. You can download this and I recommend that you do so as I have been concerned that it will disappear.


In the above article you will find links to Bradfords photos of the cysts and spirochetes and the spirochetes living in the cysts.

I have seen the before and after photos of the cysts after treatment with enzymes, samento and colloidal silver.

Heres a video via dark field microscope of the spirochetes as they form cysts… the round ones. The dark field microscope offers the ONLY conclusive diagnositic method for Lyme. Dark Field Microscopy is illegal in the USA for diagnostic purposes.


and here is a huge lyme biofilm grown in culture. The theory is that enzymes can disssolve the biofilms as well as the cysts

Lyme disease spirochetes under darkfield microscopy:


Lyme bacteria Cyst formation with detail:


An interview of Robert Bradford MD. Be aware, quackwatch is all over this guy. This microscope shows the truth that pharmaceutical companies and the FDA do not want you to know. It is illegal to make a diagnosis with a dark field microscope even though you are looking at the little buggers right in their eyes! These types of scopes are becoming increasingly popular with doctors who are sincerely interested in healing. I know at least 10 docs who use them. It is routinely used in some countries in Europe., Germany being the leader. We are in an economic and political war with these jerks who do all they can to withhold the truth so you will keep on keeping on loading their pockets for antibiotics.


My neighbor’s recent flair of Lyme was not nearly as severe as his previous episode so they decided to treat at home without IVs. They used Samento Tincture,  Lyme Nosode, (a homeopathic preparation), and Colloidal Silver.  The new part of the protocol that breaks open the cyst consists of high powered digestive enzymes. It is essential to destroy the cyst then hit it hard with your antibiotic of choice or what ever antimicrobial treatment you are using, but breaking the cyst is essential.  As soon as the cyst ruptures the Lyme spirochetes  pour out and they must be killed before they can form new cysts. If cysts remain in the body eventually they will break open and your infection starts to surge again if there is no antimicrobial agent present to kill the spirochetes.

This treatment has been effective for him this time around. I have not been able, nor his physician to get him to continue with this for long term. He gets sick of doing treatments.  After about a week his herx reactions abated and in less than two weeks he stopped his treatment.  I would think that doing the enzymes on a routine basis with an antimicrobial will eventually get all the cysts and prevent new ones from forming. I think that it could possibly take quite a while and it would be difficult to know exactly when to stop. The doctor that prescribed this treatment for him uses a dark field live blood analysis microscope to view the cysts and I have seen the photos of them. He is now one year and eight months post his last treatment protocol and he is doing well. He has not had a reoccurrence of Lyme disease symptoms.

When we had a discussion of the possibility of using MMS instead of Samento he called his physician to ask his doctor what he thought of the idea. His physician looked into MMS and found it to be the same chemical that he uses to treat Lyme via IV application, except in the IV application it remains sodium chlorite and is not activated by an acid solution. He had not yet heard of the oral applications of sodium chlorite and he decided after reading information on it that it probably would work just as well as the samento/colloidal silver in conjunction with the enzyme therapy. He told my friend to go ahead and try it. By the time this recommendation was made my friend had been on the samento/colloidal silver  for about one week. He did the last few days of treatment with MMS and enzymes, although the herx phase of his treatment had already passed so it was difficult to assess what happened with the MMS.

Many many people in the Lyme community have used or are using MMS to control their Lyme disease and it is effective but I have not heard that anyone has reported a cure using MMS. Perhaps the missing link is the use of the enzyme protocol with the MMS.

Samento Herbal Tincture and Colloidal Silver These two products should be used together to get maximum benefit. Samento has proven to be very helpful within the Lyme patient community. Colloidal silver has an excellent reputation for killing any kind of microbe it crosses paths with. It should be combined with the enzyme therapy protocol that follows next. Use these two products together. They are antimicrobial and should be taken two times a day.

Enzyme Therapy Dedicated doctors to the treatment of Lyme have been diligently looking for answers. Over the past two years or so it has been found that taking sufficient enzymes between meals will dissolve the Lyme cyst. This is a major breakthrough for up until now there was no known way to attack the cyst that is believed to hide in deep tendon, joint and muscle tissue. Regular human type digestive enzymes have been found to do the job but they must be taken in a very specific protocol at high dosages. This is a nontoxic therapy. The enzymes may bring to you added benefits like clearing out your vascular system and alleviating inflammations of a wide variety.

Here is the product and the protocol:

The Enzyme product is called Marcozyme from Marco Pharma Int. Roseburg, Oregon 97470

They are very high powered enzymes and one dose, 5 capsules/tablets equals: Amalayse 27,500 usp Protease 26,500 usp Lipase 5,700 usp

These are very high dosages of enzymes and I think you may need physician  assistance or someone licensed such as a nurse to help you purchase this product. But there is nothing to stop you from finding another similar product with a good reputation and taking enough to match the dosage. A product called called Nutriteck Poly Enzyme Plus should be able to do the work. Make sure the dosage you take at least covers the dosage I listed above for each dose you take. The Marcozyme product has been doctor recommended and if I could I would stick with that because it  has been tested in this application.

heres a link for the nutrateck enzyme product.


The word, according to Dr Henr West is that Wobenzyme can do it, too. Here is a site for that. But the ingredients for wobenzyme are somewhat different so that makes me unsure of dosage. I have Dr Wongs CD on this product and he convinced me a long time ago. So I purchased some and found them quite effective for arthritis. They do break up compounds.


The marcopharma  company went through some changes I believe. this site is theirs and I think the insta-zymes capsules may be the same. One would have to contact them to be sure. I tried at one point. they were more responsive on facebook. I have seen the product first hand but when I saw it it was called marcozyme.


In a recent interview with Dr West of the West Clinic in Pocatello Idaho, whom this protocol came from, he told me that Wobenzyme enzymes will do the work also. Just be sure to take a sufficient dosage.

I have Dr Wongs CD on this product and he convinced me a long time ago about their efficacy. So I purchased some and found them quite effective for arthritis. They do break up compounds.


Do not take these enzyme products if you have gastritis or ulcers. Heal that condition first. A strong enzyme protocol may worsen the condition.

These enzymes are for dissolving the cyst and it is essential to come in exactly one hour after taking the enzymes with your antimicrobial or antibiotic to clean up all the spirochetes that have been released form the cyst..

1. The protocol is to take no food for 2 hours. 2. Take 5 enzyme pills (of Marcozyme) which delivers the above stated amount of enzymes. 3. Wait one hour – set your timer for one hour. 4. After one hour take samento tincture with colloidal silver or  take MMS. 5. Do this twice a day. 6. Do not eat for one hour after taking the antimicrobial agents – set your timer again for one hour.. then you can eat. It should be at least 2 hours from ingesting the enzymes before you eat again.

You want these enzymes to be circulating in your blood not digesting your last meal.

The samento tincture with the colloidal silver or the MMS is for killing the bacteria that the cyst will release when it is broken.

Dosage for samento tincture: start with two drops in a little water. If your microbe load is large you may feel sick after taking it. This is a detox. Take 2 drops for your next dose. As you become able to tolerate dosage increase by one drop with each dose. If you can’t tolerate a dosage increase do not do it and repeat the last dosage that did not give you a problem. Work up to 15 drops two times a day one hour after the enzymes. If you are using samento this is also the time to take the colloidal silver.

ASAP and Mesosilver are two products that naturopaths tend to carry. Nutrasilver is another good choice and it is the product of choice by those MDs who treat Morgellon’s disease due to its powerful action.

To learn about the new protocol applications for MMS go to www.jimhumble.biz Three doses a day are no longer recommended for MMS in the general MMS protocol. Smaller more frequent dosages are tolerated better and seem to work well for most disease conditions of microbial orgin.

When using MMS as the antimicrobial agent for treating Lyme use as described for the Samento, as tolerated, up to 15 drops for your two dosages a day preceded by enzymes. More MMS should be taken during the day as it is pretty clear that MMS is only active in the body for no more than two hours. I would want MMS in the body continually even if it was a smaller dose like 2 or 4 or 6 drops every two hours, but continue to work up in dosage specifically for those two doses that are preceded by enzymes.

No definitive protocol with MMS for Lyme has yet been developed. Many people are currently working on it who experiment at home independently. Some people who use MMS for Lyme herx pretty strongly with just a couple of drops. Others work up to 15 drops rather quickly. It is unclear if it is just the Lyme creating the herx or if there are other variable toxic issues the MMS is also clearing that any individual may have concurrently. To date I have not read any reports of MMS curing Lyme. I suspect this may be because the MMS cannot break down the cyst.

This information is not to displace consultations with naturopaths or medical doctors. It is to make you aware of some of the  alternative treatment options.

If it were me I would look for a Lyme literate Naturopathic Medical Doctor or NMD (ND), licensed and graduated from a post grad four year naturopathic school, that is open minded and that is capable of doing IV work should that be necessary. These licensed naturopathic doctors can write medical prescriptions for drugs in most ND licensing states,  if a true need should arise and that would include for  pain medication. If Lyme is very advanced and you are very sick it is the way to go.

Dr Henry West and Dr Jason West of the West Clinic in Pocatello, Idaho are using enzymes and anti-microbial agents to treat Lyme disease.  Recently Dr Henry West told me that the product called Wobenzyme will break down the cyst to. When I have more information I will post it, as it seems wobenzyme makes several enzyme products.

Arrow Durfee c 2010

Find a Lyme Literate Doctor here:



Infowars.com Videos:

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  1. John said on July 3, 2014

    You want to correct information and the correct formulation, protocols , chemical structure, go to jim humbles site. Whether its the genesis2church or jim humbles site, that is where its been tried and proven for over 35 years. Sodium Chlorite when activated with Citric Acid becomes chlorine dioxide (though it ISNT chlorine) You are not suppose to dose unactivated sodium Chlorite.

    Jim is simple amazing. What he has done, how many he has cured, NO DEATHS, mild side effects etc etc.. Sure, im signed up on the forums because i became a user and believer of MMS and MMS2. I now do a maintenance dose. Unless a doctor is versed in MMS, they are the last people to talk to. Doctors are trained to treat symptoms and prescribe medication ( all for the mighty dollar and big pharma) There is to much money in sickness compared to health and healthy patients equals no office visits, no prescriptions and no money. Please see http://www.jimhumble.com and http://www.genisis2church.com which is the support arm and all the protocols.

    GO ALEX JONES!!!!!!

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