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Mass Shootings Are About Mental Health; Not Guns

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December 20, 2012 in Health


This most recent shooting, in Connecticut at Sandy Hook Elementary just days ago has been weighing on my heart and so I can only imagine the feelings of parents who have lost their children, staff who risked their lives, and children who are now expected to return to that site.  What has been weighing on my heart has not been, “How did he get those guns?” or “We should restrict guns from the mentally ill,” or “Assault weapons need to be banned.”  What has been weighing on my heart is the mental health of this nation.  There is hope for those struggling with mental illness but I don’t believe it lies within the medical mainstream idea of taking pills and ignoring nutrition.

Cholesterol is touted as evil but Halo 4 and SOCOM killing games are common for children to start using as young as age six.  I remember, as a daughter of a Navy SEAL, when the military announced that it would start designing video games as specific recruiting tools for the next generation.  That was right before games like that came out.  We do reap what we sow, so putting images like those into young minds cannot be better than eating a 3 egg omelet can it? Our society has been increasingly placing value on things that are destructive, like these violent and realistic games.  Simultaneously, magic pills are supposed to take all the bad feelings away while nutrients that feed our brains are demonized and brain poisons are directly injected and consumed (such as vaccine contaminants and processed foods). Personal responsibility is all but disappearing… It’s not anyone’s fault? Really? What about the drug manufacturers? The FDA? What about the mainstream for saying that the main components of our brain and hormones (saturated fats and cholesterol) are bad?   Perhaps people are acting like animals because we are literally degrading from deficiencies, misplaced values, and poisons that are allowed to perpetrate through greed.

I don’t know what Adam Lanza or the quickly disappearing second suspect did with their lives.  I am not trying to judge his mother, may her soul rest in peace.  I am not trying to judge those that rely on medication to get through. I have been there myself and I know how difficult it is to deal with certain feelings and emotions.  I am simply trying to find an answer to why people seem to be acting more and more like animals, which is the furthest extreme on the spectrum of mental health problems.

Cholesterol is not bad! In fact, according to some research having a cholesterol level of less than 150 mg/dL can increase the risk of homicidal and suicidal behavior.  I wonder what Adam Lanza’a cholesterol was?  I wonder if he ate a ton of sugar (which further damages the gut leading to neurotransmitter problems), played violent games, had overwhelming emotional pain, and took those magic pills, only to become another victim of them.  The problem is that people taking those magic pills aren’t lone victims who are only hurting themselves… some of these people become the next zombie attack, the next mass shooting, the next real “terrorists.” People like Adam Lanza and James Holmes. People like the children from the Columbine shootings.  Perhaps violence is a last resort for these people living in a sick environment. Perhaps a lot of that sick environment comes from the mainstream medical practices.

The fact is that we have to take a closer look at these drugs for the reason of public safety.  There are too many of these incidences.  Too many lives are being lost.  Can we hold these victims responsible if they truly do not know the risk they take?  Then who is?  The system of greed that we have put in place. The system that serves money instead of truth.  The system that deceives many for the personal gain of a few.

Magic pills are not the answer.  They do affect the brain on a longterm basis and so stopping these medications without the care of a doctor is not advised. But some research has shown that probiotics, sunshine, and exercise are more effective than SSRI’s.  Remember, SSRI’s are associated with homicide and suicide, yet so many ill people keep turning to them.  They trust the FDA, the AMA, the medical establishment, and the drug companies… and I feel for them but I also fear them as being the next threat.  Not because of their depression but because of their depression in combination with these drugs and because they are not getting proper guidance on how nutrition can positively impact their illness. These victims of depression and other ailments must not realize the fraud going into publishing trial results of these drugs; they must not have connected the mass shootings with them either.  They must not understand how nutritional information and the power we have to heal ourselves with good nutrition is being suppressed. How sad?

So with this article I hope not to judge those on medications like the Zoloft I used to take.  I know how it is.  I simply pray that these people will soon learn that nutrition can be much more helpful and far less dangerous.  I send my love to those struggling with depression, anxiety and all other mental challenges that we all inevitably face.

Here is my prayer on this:

Father in heaven, most high, and creator of the universe, I pray not only for the lost souls today and those close to them, but also for the living souls who are wading through a pack of lies. Please protect them and guide them to find truth and of course, relief from their pain through that truth, like you have done for me.  Thank you for giving me the strength and foresight to get off of the medication that was turning me into a lost soul too.  Thank you for forgiving me for my trespasses when I was on those magic pills that took my guilt and personal responsibility away. Thank you for setting me free with the truth about nutrition and personal choices. Please help others with this today who are enslaved by the thought that they must purchase happiness from a laboratory. Please help them to see that their happiness can come from your beautiful, natural creations and their own positive actions. Please help them to see that their sadness may be because of the lies they’ve been told and poisons they’ve been fed, so that they can be free from them and find their true purpose on this earth.  And all of this I hope will bring them new-found joy and the power to affect positive change on this earth! Hallelujah!

I wrote a song for the children too.  All of the children.  The lost children of our past, present, and future.  Our mistakes are their cost.

This Song Is For The Children

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  1. Right, Cholesterol is not bad! In fact, according to some research having a cholesterol level of less than 150 mg/dL can increase the risk of homicidal and suicidal behavior! http://www.vpillssatis.gen.tr/v-pills-konya.html

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