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Chemtrails A Photo Essay: With Patriots Help:

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February 27, 2013 in Health



                                           Edwin de Leeuw photo…


This is a photo I have used before, it is found in online Free Images Of…  As it emblems show this is a “NASA”, “Dryden Flight Research Center”, 1974 record of Aerosol Disbursal, from a B-747 ( “Vortex STUDY” — “NASA photo” !…)   ( o…)  


                                                  Jason Smith photo… image

Jon Hempste photo… (With this notation…)    Those are small impulses. Large ones are actually not too visible as they reside in the ionosphere and only detectable with sensors. Impulses are detected at 50 km. and higher. These then react to the stratosphere and a suitable change/forecast can be issued based on where, current state of the jet-stream, and when. ( For my experience in life, I would go as far as to say that these “Saturated clouds” are being hit with Scaler Wave, likely at time well past the initial aerosol passages…)     ( o…)         


 Photo from the Chemtrail Forecast Link on HaarpStatus-Dot-Com…  The veil of disbursal, winds plotted by the “Actuaries Needs” send planes on specific flight paths… The R&D continues to build data that feeds “The Algorithms”. There are at least four decades, conservatively, that data gathering has been a goal; as witnessed by the earlier “NASA” 1974 photo… 


                                             Karen Ayash photo… 


    Melinda Weer photo… ( Again, secondary experimentation with “Wave Forms”…) 


                                   Fata Morgana Mendoza photo…image   

 Tara Fagan Gattis photo… ( Here you can See the waves interacting with “Chemtrails”, which are changing. Their lines from upper left to lower right, are shown with striating horizontal waves, they appear to come downward in a triangular formation; pyramidal if you will. Then at the horizon line you see the birthing of cloud formations containing the forces of climatic events…)  (o…) image

    Alan Crider photo…  ”The Veil”; Toxins from above, with Bio-Engineering, as well as Geo-Engineering implications… 


   Marcel_rulz photo…  Chemtrails at sunset; I believe they were taken in Germany.


                Again, marcel_rulz photo… @ Sunset in Germany…   


The “Essay” will continue with newer information on the multitude of malice and planned Agenda that is mostly covert, but becoming ever so hard for it to be hidden. “Their” NWO hope rests, in part in your sluggish reaction time, which this helps to generate. 

For your consideration: Otter Walks on Two Feet… Survive-All…  27/02/13 

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  1. We cannot be pro-war and pro-life at the same time. Illegal war can be argued as late term abortion.

    • Greetings, I am sorry, but I have absolutely no concept of what you speak. It may be that you meant to send this comment to another. It may be that you are not clear on the topic. It may be that you are a “Straw-Man, Disinformationist, Troll, or even an “Operation Sock Puppet Algorithm” speaking to a human being. I just do not know. If this was a mistake on your part, please pay no attention to anything that was said, post “Wrong destination– Address unknown, No such Number, No such Name. Return to sender, this is not the place… o… 01/03/13

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