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Cancer treatment

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November 11, 2012 in Health


Non-GMO organic flaxseed oil and cottage cheese mixed work miracles apparently


scroll down a bit when you open that link

to hell with Chemo, and the lies most doctors say as usual

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8 responses to Cancer treatment

  1. YouTube Has some good films about natural cancer cures and the suppression there of by the American Medical Association through the years. THE BEAUTIFUL TRUTH and CANCERS’ FORBIDDEN CURES are a couple of them. Also, THE GERSON MIRACLE.

  2. I’ve always wanted to do chart reviews on a group that claimed success with the Budwig diet. I’ve done chart reviews for Gerson therapy, Essiac, and baking soda treatment, plus reviewed double-blind placebo studies for dozens of herbs. Many of these alternative treatments have promise, but I’m always wary, especially when dairy is encouraged.

    • I never heard of anything other than what i posted. Thanks, ill probably learn about those sometime. Forgive me if i’m wrong but, if dairy products have none of these hormones that I learned more about today actually, than what is there to be suspicious about? young animals live on milk alone, it must be great for life?

      • Milk is solely designed to encourage cellular reproduction. What is cancer? Cellular reproduction that has gotten out of control. Why give the body something to fuel the fire?
        I had three different types of chemo for cancer in one part of my body and two additional types for another body part. Then I switched to an herbal regimen and my remaining tumor stopped growing and calcified. I cut dairy out of my diet and believe that’s part of what worked for me.

        • I dont have cancer but what herbal regimen did you use? Yeah, I hear ya. No dairy for me. Ever. Good to hear your cancer is done:) I wish I knew this stuff back in 2003 when my father was diagnosed. He would definitely be alive now.

        • hmm It’s a possibility, you could be right, perhaps that’s why we don’t breast feed forever. just a hypothesis though. Still need my organic milk & cereal

          • ^thats a response to mia K BTW…@ Toby. I’m saddened to know that, you have power to inform other people though because it’s harder to discredit someone who actually lost a loved one

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